city or the first?

  1. i'm planning on buying my first balenciaga, but cannot decide on which style. should i go for the city medium or the first/small? i'm 5'1 and petite. what can you guys tell me about the 06 collection, is the leather really thin and crackly?

  2. ^^More important that your size (although that's good info) - is what size bag you like? I know tall ladies that prefer small bags and petite ladies that like huge totes.
    What do YOU like - what other bags (in what sizes) do you have?
  3. City
  4. The City really isn't that big. You'll be right at home with one, I reckon. But it depends on your own comfort level, really. What other bags do you have and are happy with the size?

    ETA: just saw that this is your first PF post! WELCOME!!!:flowers: You'll love it here and end up buying/wanting a lot more than you had ever anticipated, lol!
  5. faircherie - where'd you go?
  6. hey, thanks for responding and the welcome greeting. at first i i like the first, but than i heard that it's basically flat, so the city might be better, but i'm afraid it might be too big on me. what do you guys think?
  7. I'm 5"1 too and when I tried the city, it felt very wide...perhaps that's because the bag was empty when I tried it. I think you have to really fill it up if you get it or it will be very floppy and awkward looking on a petite girl.
  8. Welcome to tPF! I'm 5'4" and a size 14--the First looked fine on me, but I was filling the bag up completely with my checkbook size wallet, sunglass case (thin case), keys, cellphone and a lip gloss. Getting more into the purse would require "juggling" things around.

    The City is wider so things kinda "roll around" in the bag, but in a good way. I'm never having to squeeze things around in that bag. And I think it looks good on my shoulder and on my arm.

    If you have the chance to try out the bags in person, I would--put everything you normally carry and see how it looks. Good luck!
  9. Since I have both it's hard for me to answer this.. That being said the City bag is my perfect bag. It holds a TON! (you still haven't told us what other types of bags you have or how much you like to carry with you everday) anyway since we don't know that i'm just going to recommend the city.
    Do you live somewhere where you can try them on first - or are you buying blind so to speak?
  10. i have a dooney & bourke large gym bag (that's so old now), a fendi mini chef bag (my smallest), an aaneta cleopatra in a small, which is actually quite big, and a lesportsac by gwen stefani l.a.m.b mega backstage bag. so it's mostly big bags i guess. but will the city look weird if it's not fill with stuff?
  11. is there a store in the orange or la county that sells balenciaga bags?
  12. thanks for the advices guys. so southcoast would be a good place to look for the bags?

    the color i'm thinking of is bleu roi.
  13. Welcome to tPF! :yahoo:You should eventually get both the First and the City. It's a necessity! I'm not helping much am I? :P
  14. No, I don't think South Coast Plaza sells B-bags. You can try Amarees in Newport Beach.