City or part time or work??? please help!

  1. Dear all, I can't decide which Bbag to buy? I want a black one, for day to day purpose, I am 5"6 and 65kg, seldom wear heels, and I have wide shoulders (people say Im just big boned!:sad:. So I think city maybe a bit small for me? Actually i quite like the idea of the part time being it's bigger than city and it has shoulder strap which beats the work which doesnt has a shoulder strap. Plus what's the difference of the leather? is goat leather heavier than normal leather? and what is kid leather? I want a light weight bag! OMG please help me! :confused1: thanks all!~
  2. i believe it's all goat leather - same texture for all styles. you must be referring to Diabro's descriptions ;)

    it's really down to personal preference. do you prefer hands-free or not? can you wear the Work on your shoulders comfortably since it doesn't have the shoulder strap? the PT is not as deep as the City and Work but it's about the width of Work, so you ask yourself if you like a longish bag like the PT. i personally think that the City and PT are great worn on the shoulders with the straps. the Work looks great being slouchy either on the crook of your arm or when hand-carried.

    i know it's hard to reach a decision, esp when you really want 'em all!:graucho:
  3. im also big-boned like you, and i've already tried on all 3 styles. based on that, it seems that the Work is the best one for me. =) you should try them all on first also to see how each one fits you.....i think that's the best way to decide on which style to get =)
  4. I love the City. I'm 5'7" and the City isn't a small bag. The Part time can droop in the middle and it just doesn't look good on me, too wide. The Work is a little big and has no shoulder strap which I don't like. Try them all, see which you like and that is the one to get!:yes:
  5. If I had a choice, I would go for the Work style too...But if you have your heart set on the City or Part Time...I would go for the City if you needed it for everyday use or as a knock about bag. If you worked in a corporate environment, I'd go for the Part Time.
  6. i'm about 5'6 and med-big boned and i have two cities, one of which i just sold. i could never figure out why it just didn't feel right on, until i got the's the perfect size! i was so stuck on buying a bag with a shoulder strap that i totally ignored whether or not i would like the size and although i wish the work had a strap, i much prefer it to the part-time bag.
  7. I'm getting a Black City!! Good luck with whatever you decide though!
  8. love the work bag!!! you get everything in there and jazz it up.....

    more leather to love:love::love::love::tender::tender::tender: