City or First?????

  1. I need some help!!My next B bag is going to be black......but City or First??I have two First and I really like that style. :heart: :heart: What do you think??:s :s
  2. City, City, City!!!
  3. i like the first a lot, kind of elegant for a night out and still you can use it during the day as well!
  4. I like your opinion Lovelv!!!I am a party girl and I like small bags!!I haven´t seen a City so it´s difficult to know how big it is??:s :s
  5. It's quite big and slouchier than the First, I think? You seem to like the first so I would just get what you like most. But get a city if you want a change:yes:
  6. Maybe I be disapointed if I order a City?:crybaby: :crybaby:
  7. I know you suggested the City!!Do you have one yourself?I am a little bit confused about the size of the City!!
  8. Really depends on what you're looking for. I have two first and love them the most because of their cute shape. But they are not the best for me as I like my bags a little bigger but not gigantic. City is the perfect size for me. Not too big, not too small, can wear by both shoulder strap and handles over the shoulder. It's very versatile. I can't imagine you going wrong with one, unless you really always prefer a petite bag.
  9. I have a LV speedy 30 to my work and I like that size...My Paddington is cool but it´s so heavy!!!I would like to have a bag that I could have to work and also wear at partys!!Do you think that City is that bag:yes: :yes: :confused1: :confused1:
  10. I too have a Paddy which I never carry because of its weight :sad: . But the City is super-light and roomier than the First. Some people prefer a much larger bag and opt for the Work. That's perfect if you want to carry your laptop or binders/documents. But for everyday wear I think the City is the best.

    Before you make your decision, look on the thread of pictures posted by the lovely PFers here. That's the best resource I can think of for seeing how the bag fits, looking at its drape and proportion when worn. I can spend hours looking at those pictures. they're just wonderful!
  11. Thanks! Now I know more about the City and I also like the PFers pictures. :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. Definitely get a city since you already have 2 firsts!! You can't go wrong with a city...:love:
  13. I vote city because you already have 2 firsts.
  14. First! Because you can never have too many....:heart:
  15. Yes you are right!!You can never have too many!!:heart: :heart: