City or First?That is the question!!

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  1. Hi!
    I'm 5.1 tall and 96 lb,what do you think is the best size for me:City or First?

    P.S. if someone own a LV speedy 25:is the First bigger or smaller than the speedy?

  2. I don't have the speedy, but the first is pretty small. It's more like an evening size. You can fit the essentials, but there's no room for extras.
  3. Either one will look great on you. But for everyday use I recommend the city as I find the 1st too small.
  4. I'm 4'11" and 85lbs and the First and Twiggy look best on me. I think if you can fit all of your stuff in the First, then that's the way to go...
  5. the first is much smaller than a speedy 25. i have a lot of extra space when i carry the speedy, but my first is full when i carry my everyday items. it's really cute though and will complement your frame. i have a first, but i kinda wish i got a city instead. i'm 5"2 btw.
  6. I got a first as by first bbag - the city is just too big for me. I never carry an awful lot so the first is the perfect size for me. I'm just under 5ft 3".
  7. yup, the first fits alot less than the speedy 25 IMO. I would say get the city.
  8. i have a first and a speedy 25.

    in my speedy I can fit, wallet (same size as bal compagnon), make up bag, chanel sunnies case (and these are fairly big) cell phone,
    a small notebook, keys, ipod, with lots of room to spare.

    today, I have my bal first and i can only fit my wallet, cell phone, keys, ipod and notebook comfortably.

    The City or the Twiggy would be best.
  9. I have both like shop princess.
    I like my First when i go shopping. JUST enough to fit a bottle of water, long wallet and my phone and car key.
    For speedy 25 u can fit this and more.. yesterday i went to the movies
    , i had my wallet, bottle, phone, car key and a shawl. still room for more..

    ps: im 5'3 and 110 lbs
  10. I have a City and a Speedy 25, and the City will hold much more...from looking at the First I agree that it would hold even less than a Speedy 25. I say go with what fits your needs more in terms of what you carry, then think about how it fits with your frame. Good luck!
  11. Thanks for your opinions!!!

    i've never considered the Twiggy..mmh...thanks for the suggestion!:tup:
  12. twiggy VS speedy 25 ?!
    anyone can make a comparison?thanks

  13. :yes:ITA!!! the city is the best size for everyday IMO! the first, although a cute size... is just too small... for me anyways... personally I wouldnt get any First unless its a black or carame FBF with the extra long shoulder straps... oops, off topic a bit there :p... good luck!
  14. thank you to much!

    do you think the City is a good choice for a "work bag"(or school)

    in my bag i always put:
    sunglasses case(big)
    a little mirror
    little umbrella
    a little beauty case
    little agenda
    spray for my throat

    so i don't need a very big bag..but i have only little bag(like speedy 25)..and now i really want a bag that i can use for the school or for the work.
  15. Agree with Ali and the other "City" fans. Looking at your list, I think the City is absolutely the way to go!