City or Circle?!

  1. Hi everyone... I've given up with eBay and just decided to go for it ... I've got on hold an anthracite city with GSH but they also have a circle bag ... I've never even heard of that ... have any of you fellow b-bag lovers seen it? which do you think is the one to gofor?
  2. The one you're talking about is probably the sphere which is a new bag for this season. Go back a few pages and there is a thread or two about it that includes photos. The sphere is not for me, so I'd say go with the anthracity.
  3. I'm not a fan of the sphere I'm afraid! I have a city and I lurve it!!
  4. go for the city. it's such a beautiful classic shape :smile:
  5. city pls , circle is unique but hard match ...
  6. City for sure.
  7. Thanks everyone :heart: I think you are right, the sales assistant was sweet and picture messaged my phone, I'm not so sure about the circle... so city it is... will let you know when it arrives... I'm so excited:yahoo: