City or Chanel baby Caba?

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  1. I just bought a Black city. I have been thinking return it for a baby caba chanel. What do u guys think?
  2. No way, keep the city!!!!! Or return it for another Bal that you would like more!
  3. Pewter, can you give me some reason pls? :smile:
  4. well of course posting in the balenciaga forum, the majority will favor the city hahaha I say the cabas! its bigger, most stylish and above all chanel is chanel...uber chic
  5. lv1011, that is exactly what i think too. However, the baby cabas is $2600...the City is $1000 cheaper. I am broke now, so an extra $1000 is quite too much. OMG what should i do..........
  6. Keep the black City! :lecture::P
  7. I like the cabas... You can always get the black city next season! =)
  8. Haha yep that's really just it! I like the baby cabas too, but if you have to choose between one or the other... I'd def have to have a city! It's totally subjective though and up to which you personally like better!

  9. I thought the baby was $1775?
  10. i think all the answer u'r gonna get is to keep bbag...cuz this's balenciaga forum :smile:
  11. i love balenciaga to death.... but i will have to pick the baby cabas.... i have one and i LOVE it.... you can get black city any season, but if you can get your hands on the baby cabas, get the baby cabas.
  12. kkep the city unless it's an original XL cabas :P
  13. Ditto!
  14. I say Chanel.

  15. in the USA the baby cabas is NOT 2600$ omg where did you get that info LOL...its in the price range of 1800$ USD.