City is too small for me!!

  1. oh dear. I was so excited about my new-to-me 04 black city and it is really beautiful - the leather is puddles - I think it's just too small for me. :s I'm so disappointed because I thought it would be a staple for me but I just carry too much stuff everyday. I'm only just building my collection and want to initally stick with bags that I will literally use everyday. I guess I'll go to Printemps/BalParis to try on the Work and see how I feel - still thinking about my city though... :sad: Anyone else think it was going to be perfect, then think it was too small, then realize it was still perfect?
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  2. It wasn't too small for u but if u said that the size can't stuff lots of things for ur daily use....i wuld suggest that u go for work style which i like the size as it can really stuff a lot......:smile:
  3. I completely with Celia.I've had the same feeling as yours with my chocolate 05,I've decided to keep her,'cause I was in love with the leather..Perhaps,like me,you find it too small 'cause usually you wear big bags?You look really good with the City,but the most important is your opinion.
    Now I've received my Work,I know it's the perfect size for me:very roomy!You could take your City as an evening bag and for everyday wear,you could choose the Work.
  4. aw sorry its not love at first sight.

    I have a marine city and a sapin work. I love the strap on the city and that helps with days when I have less to cart about (saying that it does still carry a fair amount) and then when I really need to go for it I use the Work but I really miss the shoulder strap on it! I just then keep them both for different reasons.
  5. I feel the same about my box .. but I force myself to use it on days that I dont have that much stuff to carry around ... try that maybe?
  6. At first I thought the city was perfect for me until I purchased the part time. That would be a great option for you since the bag is bigger and it also has the shoulder strap. :yes: Good Luck on your hunt for the perfect style. :search:
  7. thanks for the advice, everyone! I really appreciate it. Yesterday I was parading around in front of the mirror, back and forth, and finally decided to take pics. My hubby asked me what I was doing and I told him I wanted to show you guys so you could help me, of course. ;) He said, "oh, ok." :p I just bought an aqua day (my avatar) which I totally adore and can't really afford more than one other bbag right I'm just going to think really hard on whether I want to keep the city that will always be usable or go with a work that I can be using alot right now. Maybe it'll also depend on what I see in Paris. I'm going to try to go on Wed :wlae:
  8. i would say exchange it and go for work !:yes: since i got a weekender and a work my 3 cities are lying totally forgotten and never go out anymore:sad: ...they`re just too small :sweatdrop:... only keeping them in hope that maybe one day i will convert back to them ! ;)
  9. I totally understand!!!! I don't even carry a ton of stuff in my bags and the city was too small for me!:sad: I had an AMAZING caramel '03 city that took me so long to part with. The leather was the most silky ever!!! I finally sold it b/c it was just too small for me. I know this will be a tough decision for you b/c the bag you have is amazing!!!! Give it a few days and see how you feel about it but I bet you'll give it up b/c the work is a better size if you need a bigger bag. If you can go to the store and try on the part time and work maybe decide btwn those.
  10. I'd totally advocate going for the Work, which IMO is a fabulous size for everyday use!!

    Give yaself a couple of days to try out your City nonetheless, and if you're still not feeling it, then you should def give the Work a shot. G'luck!!
  11. :drool: She's goooorgeous, wow :drool:

    Sorry you don't think she's working out for you, that's a shame cause she's beautiful, but no point in keeping her if she's not going to get used alot. I'm sure you'll find something else just as beautiful that works better for you :yes: Let us know how your trip to Paris goes!
  12. you know, yes, when I first got mine I was expecting it to be ALOT bigger. I got my bbag when they were impossible to find - so I had never seen a city in person, only a first and a work (the cities were impossible to find in 05 here in NY). Long story short, I had to have my bbag shipped to me from Barneys in another state - and when I got it, I was kinda shocked at how "small" it was. Well, I've had it two years now - and my tastes have changed, and the bag feels SO big on me now! I love the look - as the leather softens it looks less structured, giving it a softer, bigger look. I don't know - I'm VERY happy I didn't sell it for a work, which is what I considered doing when I first got it.