City in Vert Gazon(Grass Green) or french blue...HELP!

  1. Has anyone seen this? Just went to paris and went to the bbag boutique and every store that carries bbags and no one had any city!!! Has had anyone seen this anyone of these in the states?? Either color works but I want regular hardware, not the giant.
  2. Have you called BalNY? Shasta just ordered the VG City with Daphne. I think there's one on eBay right now also.
  3. many thanks!! I will call tomorrow to see if i can order one!! Wish me luck!!
  4. i think the current one on eBay is in work style in case u are not able to find one in Bal luck!
  5. good luck with your hunt - fabby choice
  6. Lizz66, I just ordered mine yesterday (VG) and it should be here by Wednesday and Daphne told me that they had 5 including the one I was buying. They all had RH. Have her email you pics of them so that you can choose the leather that you want as they have a strict return policy. I don't know about FB, but I adore mine. Good luck, let us know what happens.
  7. Hmm, I just ordered one from Terry at BalNY on Friday, and she never offered to email me pics. I didn't think to ask. was my first order from them aside from the magenta city pre-order, so I'm pretty much a novice. I like the smoother leather, so here's keeping my fingers crossed that I got one I like...:sweatdrop: