City handles longer in Spring 07 than in Fall 07??

  1. Has anyone noticed a slight difference in the handle drop between the spring 07 city RH bags versus the fall 07 city RH bags? I was just at NM this afternoon, and tried a spring 07 city and a fall 07 city. The spring 07 city fit snugly on my shoulder, but the fall 07 city was almost impossible to wear on the shoulder.

    A lot of the TPFers are reporting that the leather used in the fall bags is you think maybe the leather isn't smooshing down as easily as the spring leather?

    I very much would like to wear the city on my shoulder - I know the part-time's handles are easier to wear on the shoulder, but I'm not too keen on the length. Help!!

  2. Hmmmm. I compared my Spring '07 Aqua with my Fall '07 Black City and the only different I noticed was the roping and padded section of the handles on the Spring '07 Aqua was thicker. Otherwise they both fit on my shoulder the same.
  3. Mine seem about the same too...

    Could it just be that the Spring 07 bag has been at NM longer - so more people have had a chance to pick it up, try it on, and essentially - its a little more "broken in"?? That would be my best guess. :smile:

    Also... the handles do stretch as the bag gets more worn-in, along with the yummy leather at the top being a bit smooshier... so in effect - it becomes "easier" to go on your shoulder. :flowers:
  4. My thought exactly.....
  5. Thanks for all your help, ladies! I can't wait for my handles and bag to break in. For the past 3 days, my bag has been weighted down by two soup cans and hanging on the hook inside my closet! :nuts:

  6. The handles on my cinnamon city are definitely a bit shorter than on my other bags. My other cities fit nicely on my shoulder from the very start--no breaking in needed--but the cinnamon is too tight! You will have to let me know if the soup cans work!
  7. :roflmfao: You get a :tup: for creativity... please let us know if it works.
  8. I wish I could take credit for this idea, but it was suggested in the "breaking in your bag" thread! :p