city GH vs city RH comparison

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  1. so i just noticed that my city GH strap is slightly longer than the RH.
    is this happen to yours? or is it a case of stretch?
  2. Everything about the GH looks bigger. Could it also have to do with one being older ?
    I don't have any GH so I am no help here. But this is interesting. Never heard of this before.
  3. It's not because they stretched.
    The handles and the strap on GH bags are slightly longer and you probably noticed the leather is slightly thicker than RH bags, too. ;)

    I think there was a discussion on this but can't find it..
  4. Yes - I can not get my rh City handles over my shoulders but I can get my gh city handles over them.
  5. maxxout both came from the same year but the blue is worn more than the jaune.

    o_luxurious glad to hear it, balenciaga really need to revise their size and weight. things like this worried me

    Nancy in VA thanks, i do feel the handle on the GH feels more comfortable in the shoulder too
  6. The shoulder strap of the gh bag is also thicker (width-wise) than the rh:smile:
  7. ^^oops, just saw you did a side by side comparison photo of the straps which obviously shows the gh is thicker. Sorry to state the obvious! The photo hadn't loaded earlier :smile:
  8. yes... I like the leather on GH which is thicker ... and I can carry the handle over my shoulder without any problem even with a coat on.... But I do love my RH :love: ~ the tassel ....the lightness....
  9. Interesting observation.
    I don't have a rh city, only gh, and the fact that handles on rh are not quite long to get them on sholuder is really useful!
    Thanks seahorseinstripes to start this thread!
  10. you're welcome girls...
    i still find the city rh handle fits on my shoulder though. but on contrary i find the width of the GH long strap is sliding more easily on my shoulder. maybe because i don't have a wide shoulder?

    but i love both hardwares. the rh is the most lightweight designer bags i have