city.. first?? first.. first?? lOoOol :)


which size do u prefer (and plz kindly state why!!)

  1. First

  2. City

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  1. dear all :flowers:
    i am new in Balenciaga.. but have been a fan since i joined PF :love:
    it is AMAZING how each bag of yours looks more beautiful than the other.. i havent seen one B bag that i could say ugly! they are all beautifUl!!

    1- i am torn between city size and first.. and ive searched here for possible photoes of how much each one can carry!!? with no luck so far!
    what do u normaly put in both?? i would be greatful if any pics/threads provided with interior shot of a filled with every day things

    LV lovers.. would u guys say a City is like a Speedy 30 while a First is like a speedy 25??:rolleyes:

    2- I couldnt find a measurement either : ( thank u in advance for responding to this question!

    3- mmm i couldnt find a post that asks which size between first and city do u prefer! so i put this vote.. execuse me if its redundant :sad: and feel free to delete what ever u like with my (sorry in advance) :shame:

    4- would u say both are comfortable as shoulder bags?

    info about me:shame: : i love small bags.. and my dear friend chloe said once: Vanilla even a Pochette is concidered luggage for u!! lO:huh::huh:ol no seriously.. i want this B bag to serve me both work time and going out time!! and i am opening up for large sizes lately : )

    thank you lovely allllllllllllllllllllllll for sharing your info about ur lovely b bags! hope i join this club s:huh::huh::huh:n ;) :jammin:
  2. mmm just a note.. i am asking all that because we dont have a B store here :crybaby: while Harvey is :Push: i never saw a B bag when ever i go there.. so my best shot would be via net! :s :upsidedown:
  3. I love the First....:love:
    I carry a wallet, little LV filofax, sunnies, make-up bag,ipod and mobile without it looking stuffed.
    The City is personally too big for me (even though I WANT to love it!):s
  4. My first bbag was a city - it's the only bbag I've kept! As for your speedy 30 speedy 25 thing - the city holds less than the 30 - about as much as the 25. The first in width is only about pochette sized, though it holds more than a pochette because it's skin and stretches. For me, the first is enough to hold a wallet, a cell phone, and some makeup. The city can hold a bottle of water, wallet, makeup bag, sunglasses, and phone all comfortably.

    This is my city full of the stuff I toted around during vacation:
  5. I actually do prefer the city but I have an 8 month old which meens carrying around all the items mentioned above plus babystuff!
  6. i love them both, but recently i use my first a lot.
    it can hold my lv PTI wallet, 2 cell phones, 1 lv medium organizer, 2 pack of cigarettes and some other small stuff.
    my city can fit things almost the same like i fit my speedy 25 in.
  7. Depends on how much stuff you have, but it sounds like you don't have to hold a lot, and I think the first looks great on everyone, so I'm voting for the first!
  8. Bal bag Blonde :flowers:
    wow!! that sounds great!! your list sounds pretty much like my work days list of stuff.. expect i dont have an i pod (yet lOo:huh:l) ;)
    thank y:huh::huh::huh:u s:huh::huh:oo much dear for responding..:shame:
    mmmm dear what is LV filoFax? sounds neat :nuts:
  9. LivinLuxuriously :flowers:
    vanilla staring at LV goodies inside the city bag :sweatdrop:
    i wanna a wapity!! and a Cles!! :drool:

    God!! Focus vanilla!! u r here for a B bag!!! l:huh::huh:Ol :P

    awwWwwWwwwWwwwWww thank you sweetie for the great pics! it really gave me a clear idea of city size.. :jammin: you certainly have a lovely bag :love:
    thank y:huh::huh::huh:u s:huh::huh:o much for sharing!! :shame:
    tough decision :upsidedown:
  10. City for me...because it holds more !
  11. catcat :flowers:
    awwwWwwWwwWwwWwwWw bless ur baby catcat..:love: yes i imagine thats a l:huh:o:huh:t to carry :upsidedown:
    thank you for the input dear :shame:
    another vote for city :flowers:
  12. seahorseinstripesi :flowers:

    thats :jammin: !! my God we are talking PTI + Medium organizer here!! that first could hold a lO:huh::huh:t!! :supacool:
    first :angel:
    thank YoUuUuuUu sO:huh:o:huh: much dearest..:love: i am learning here :wlae:
  13. pippop :flowers:

    dear does your vote match your lovely b bag in the avatar ? :nuts:
    yes indeed for my needs.. which will be:

    - a wallet
    - cell phone
    - LV small ring agenda
    - some make up in a small light make up bag
    - hand cream
    - perfume
    - a pack of tissues

    i think so far the first sounds more than enough :rolleyes: lets hear it from the others..:upsidedown:
    thank yO:huh::huh::huh:u dear pippop :love:
  14. fromparis :flowers:
    meEeEeeErci dear for the vote.. another city fan here :nuts:
    adorable cat by the way :love:
  15. :shrugs: QQQQQQ :rolleyes:
    mmmm any measurement i can find for the first? hight width?
    and do u concider it a good shoulder bag? or an Ok one? is the city more comfy as a shoulder bag? :angel:
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