City dimensions???

  1. Well, after a long wait, my black City finally arrived today from Holt Renfrew (I live in Vancouver, CA and I had ordered it from Calgary). The reason it was a week late was because the dumb sales guy who took down my address didn't include the apartment #, so it came all the way here and then went all the way back!! So annoying!! :mad:
    Anyways, now that I finally received it, I am worried that it may not be the right one. It looks a lot smaller than I remembered it and smaller than some of the pics I've seen on this site. Can someone help me by measuring their City and giving me the dimensions? I just want to be sure...
    THANK YOU!!! :biggrin:
  2. It's about 14x10x5. Hope that helps! :nuts:

  3. Twinklette: Thanks so much for the quick response! Yes, those are the same dimensions as mine. Whew, I'm relieved! And now that I put stuff in it it does look bigger...sorry for the panic. Here she is:
  4. beautiful, avery, and congrats!
  5. Its very pretty. It might look smaller IRL because it is black. I have an 05' apple city which looks a little bigger than my Ink city because the color is so light and bright. Colors do strange things. Congrats and enjoy your new BBag!
  6. I thought mine was small when she first arrived, but MAN you can fit a lot inside! I can carry books, students' papers, all my stuff,'s amazing! And she always looks fabulous! I love the black. Great choice!!! One of these days I will look for a black in the old leather.
  7. I know, I still feel torn about that--I would love the old leather--but I am really hesitant to buy from Ebay (do ever REALLY know if it's legit?). I've had bad experiences with lesser items so I don't know if I would risk it. The more I carry this one around though, the more I realize that you can fit A LOT in it. Thanks for the comments!