City color: ink vs magenta?

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  1. If you could choose, would you go with an ink or magenta city? What do you think goes with more? The ink looks like a cool shade, almost black. I love pink which draws me to magenta but I think I might not feel comfortable carrying it due to the brightness :weird: Wish I could see them in person but have to make my decision due to opinions and online pictures only :sad2:

    Thanks girls :love:
  2. I think Ink, i just thinks it's a really cool color. But the magenta stands out... hmmm, i vote ink still though.
  3. I'd vote ink because the Magenta would be more difficult to pick clothing around...
  4. The magenta is beautiful and very unique, but I think the ink would be more versatile.
  5. Can someone describe it that's seen ink in real life? Is it a purply blackish blue? It looks very chameleon-like to me. So pretty!

  6. The Ink would probably go with more but the magenta is a fabulous color!!! I'd get the magenta regardless!!!
  7. I agree!
  8. Ink, because of its versatility. The ink changes color a bit based on lighting, etc. In some lighting it looks dark navy, in other lighting conditions it looks almost black or purply blackish blue.
  9. Thanks SoCal! Have you seen magenta in person? I am awed by this shade, it's so stunning.

  10. I do like the magenta on others...when I do a "bright" bag, I prefer the rouge or bordeaux b-bag or my whiskey paddy (these are "bright" enough for me).
  11. definitely ink, unless you like wearing a very bold color. if you're more subdued go for ink. i don't even like wearing red that much, and magenta would be never.
  12. No question - the ink.
  13. Its like a real deep navy blue almost black. I like it. It sound as if you would be more comfortable with the ink rather than the fuscia. I'm also a pink lover and dont mind if my bags stand out, but if it bothers you, definetely choose ink. The fuscia is really bright;)
  14. definitely the ink when i saw the ink in saks over the weekend i loved it and i saw someone w/ the magenta in short hills and i just couldn't imagine carrying it
  15. you can see pics of Nicole Richie carrying both bags in the "Nicole's Balenciaga" in this same section (Balenciaga) The ink is on the table in the first pic and further down there'a a great shot of her with a magenta. She's carrying other colors too!

    I don't think you can go wrong with either. They are both stunners.
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