City chocolate 2005:should I keep or let it go?

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  1. I just bought this city,but I don't know what to do:I think the City is a bit too small(I'm quiet tall),but the color is nice.Should I return it,I've paied 670 euros(878$),no mirror and no dustbag(just for informations,it doesn't matter:I never used the mirror of my last Twiggy)
    Please,help me!Should I return it and spare my money for a Work?
    balenciaga.jpg city.jpg city balenciaga .jpg
  2. That handbag is beautiful! Personally I would keep it because that leather looks amazing!

    However, if it isn't the right size and you won't use it I would get rid of it.
  3. Where in the world did you find an 05 Chocolate City ??? :nuts: is it NEW??
    I just won one on eBay so I would say KEEP IT! Can you even get another size in that color???
  4. That's the cause of dilemn:the leather is great...
    Anyway,thanks for your advice!;)
  5. I found it in a shop specialized in "re-selling" prestigious items(Chanel,Hermès...).Congrats for your new bag won on eBay!
  6. ^^^ Thanks! I can't wait to get it!

    seriously, if you don't think the size is right for you and you can return it, then I would! There are quite a few other beautiful shades of brown to choose from - if that is the what you are looking for!
    I was probably going to get Truffle if I didn't win the Chocolate :yes:
  7. If you think the bag is too small for you I would certainly return it - otherwise, it will probably just sit in your closet, waiting to be used. The leather might be gorgeous but if you don't use it that is an awfully expensive display piece!
  8. This chocolate city is very yummy!!! Congrats! I would keep it but only if you can really see yourself wearing it! Have you tried a work on? You may prefer the city as it has a strap, I would compare both in a shop before deciding...

  9. queenvictoria Congrats on your GORGEOUS bag!!! I was wondering who beat me in that auction! :crybaby: You lucky girl! I'm on the hunt for a Choc 05. I'll be trolling ebay. Post pics when you get it! :smile:

    anilouann Your City is beautiful and the leather is gorgeous. If it doesn't suit you maybe the Work or the Part-time with a strap will be a better fit. There's the Cafe which is a nice dark brown color and has nice leather as well. Good luck with your decision.

  10. aww! sorry 'bout that :p I can't wait to get it!

    The seller is holding it hostage at the moment ... she is waiting for the Paypal funds to be transferred to her bank account :cursing:
  11. 05 chocolate is so yummy...i had it in a twiggy once. maybe keep your city for now until you can find the work. or return it, and maybe check out cafe in the work. cafe looks yummy too.

    congrats queen on your choc city...can't wait to see photos!
  12. I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: this color.....DO NOT LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but if you are carefully think about it and realise that you dont really feel good with the City size, then let to the person who are dying for it.:yes:
  13. If you think she's too small you prob. won't use her...
  14. Thanks for your interest!Here are picts of me wearing my City,do you think its a right size or not?Or should I go for a bigger...(or should I loose weight:p lol)
    IMG_1805.jpg IMG_1804.jpg IMG_1806.jpg
  15. The City is not "small" on you...but if you prefer a Work, you should return it