City Bags...How do you dress them????

  1. I thought it would be cool to see how people wear their City Bags.

    Strap ON or OFF?
    Zipper ends IN or OUT?
    Mirror IN or OUT?

    Right now I have my Black City Strap ON, Zipper ends OUT and Mirror OUT and I have to say she looks very busy, messy and cool.

    How do you normally dress your City??
  2. Strap ON
    Zipper ends OUT

    I don't use the mirror so I take it out and store it in the dustbag.
  3. Don't have any pictures, but

    Strap ON (Thingy OFF)
    Zipper ends IN
    Mirror IN DUSTBAG (I take them off right away - bug the heck out of me).
  4. Strap ON...
    zipper ends IN...
    Mirror IN...
    Tassles on front zipper OFF
    I like the "clean" look:shame:
  5. Strap on
    mirror in
    zipper tassels in and bag always unzipped
  6. Strap ON
    Zipper ends IN and always unzipped
    Mirror Inside bag
    the only tassels I like out are on the front pocket
  7. Bag always unzipped with Zipper ends out.
    Strap on.
    Mirror is in the bottom of the bag or in the dustbag.
    Tassels all on and hanging out.
  8. Strap on
    Pocket tassel on
    Zipper ends in w/tassels hanging out (shorter that way)
    Always unzipped
  9. Strap on.
    Mirror in.
    Zippers out. I had the zippers in but couldn't ever zip the darn thing so they came out.
  10. Strap on, zipper ends out, mirror out (stored in safe place).
  11. unzipped with zippers out
    mirror in
    strap out
  12. same as stylefly. For some reason I don't like the front tassels on the city and first, like it on the purse.
  13. exactly the same
  14. strap ON
    zipper ends OUT
    mirror (detached from bag) stored IN the front pocket
  15. Strap on
    Mirror in front pocket
    tassels dangling ever which way:nuts: