City Bag questions...

  1. Hi,

    I am new to post in Balenciaga, even though I have 3 First Bags. I was thinking about purchasing a City Bag, just wondering if you can fit it over your shoulder ( I can fit a first, not comfortable though). Also are they still Approx. $1200? I am headed to Michigan Avenue Chicago with my 18 year Daughter, just graduated HS. Just thinking about Grad. Gifts.... Thanks for your info!:yes:
  2. I can fit my city over my shoulder comfortably. When I first got her, it was a tight fit, but doable. After about a week of carrying, the handles have softened and they fit well.

    You can always carry with the single shoulder strap instead of the handles, though.
  3. Yes, I also have no problem to carry it over my shoulder, it would be tight fit at first as mrqx2 said but it will be better once the leather breaks in.
  4. do handles actually stretch or does it just seem like it because the whole bag just softens up? thanks!
  5. If you can get a First on you can certainly wear a City over your shoulder and with much more comfort. I never use my shoulder strap however good my intentions.
  6. I wouldn't say the handles stretch. It's just that when they are new, they're still "tight", KWIM? After use, the bag does soften up...and so do the handles.