City bag liner

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  1. Hello!
    Finally, after saving and waiting for what seemed like ages, I've purchased my first Bal...a lambs leather black City!
    Now I know Bals are generally meant to be (and look) slouchy (especially those in lambs leather) but although I love the slouchy sides, I would prefer the bottom to be a little more rigid. My purse is fairly heavy and that alone sags the bag (which looks fine but I'm just being precious about it!). So do any of you have a bottom insert / liner for the City that you could recommend? I'm not after a bag organiser like the Samorga ones, more like just a liner for the bottom.

    Thank you!

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  2. Try on
  3. I made my own liner : a piece of stable carton , adhesive black foil ... that's it
  4. Me too... Made mine from cornflake boxes. Cut 2 strips the length and width of the bottom of your city, put the 2 pieces together and wrap a piece of plastic around them tightly( I just used a plain plastic shopping bag) tape neatly and place in the bottom of the bag.This still allows the bag to slouch completely, looking fabulous...without the bottom sagging and hanging down.
    I tried ordering one of the hard clear plastic ones online but it was far too rigid, spoiled the look of the bag and was really heavy!!

    Hope this helps X
  5. Thank you everyone. I hadn't even thought to make one myself :doh: I'll give it a try this weekend.

    Thank you!
  6. That's great, thank you! Can't believe I didn't even think to make my own!!!

    Have a great weekend x
  7. Try eBay seller jvr19630 - he makes bespoke Perspex bases

    Posts overseas but UK based also labels most wanted stick these too but don't think they do dimensions for Bals
  8. I used an organizer from this wonderful Etsy shop called Divide and Conquer.
    She makes the very best organizer I've ever used. Previously I used the Purse To Go which was much too floppy and annoying inside my bags. The sides wouldn't stay up so stuff kept getting stashed between the side of the bag and the outside of the organizer so instead of making it easier to find my things it made it harder:mad:

    With this organizer (which, by the way she recommends that you get the lightest color which I did) it's made of sturdy fabric and you can see the difference in how my bag looks with it in the bag. I don't carry a ton so I still had a fairly severe slouch in my bag without it. Now it's much easier for me to access my things and to see them at a glance.
    It's also going to be super easy to merely lift it out and place it in a different bag (that is if I EVER want to change out of this one;)!!

    You can see that it gives my bag structure without taking away all of it's beautiful slouch which is why we love Bals in the first place!

    So as you can see, I'm quite pleased with this product, not affiliated with her in any way, just a very happy customer!

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  9. what color is this beautiful bag?
  10. It's aquamarine[emoji7]
  11. thank you... i love it, so gorgeous
  12. Thank you, to me it's the perfect color!
  13. THANKS so much alansgail; I'm going to look this organizer up right now! :heart:
  14. Thanks Kendie26, I'm so happy with mine so far!:tup:
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