City Bag is one TOUGH broad!

  1. I got my rouge VIF city today, so of course I wanted to take her out tonight.

    We went to a local bar/restaurant which has outside tables -- fun of the bar, music & people watching, without the smell of smoke.

    When we first got there, we sat at a table for 2 where the last people there had pulled up a couple of extra chairs and I put my new bag on one chair and pushed the other one over to a bigger table where a guy was holding a big table and waiting for his friends to arrive.

    My BF was playing around after watching me put my new bag on her own chair (after wiping it with a napkin) and putting his shoes on the chair with her and teasing me about how I was babying my bag when I would have let the dog sit on the floor and joking around with the guy at the other table saying "we would give you this chair but my GF needs it for her expensive purse, etc."

    When his friend arrived and they needed an extra chair, I picked up my bag & put her on my lap and gave them the chair, despite my (almost 50 years old) BF and the other frat boys teasing about how they were depriving an expensive purse of a chair.

    The last laugh was on them -- it starting pouring down rain and everyone was grabbing their plates and glasses and running inside.

    She was totally waterpproof and unaffected by the rain -- I will post pics when annoying BF isnb't here to mock my purse obsession.

    Reason -- there was bad traffic on my ride home from work and I was bored and was massaging my hand lotion into my bag.

    We got caught in a downpour & my beauteous rouge VIF was UNAFFECTED:wlae:
  2. I've been impressed by how well B-bags survive wet weather too--it's quite amazing!

    Congratulations on your new Rouge Vif City!!!:yahoo:
  3. So cool how durable it is!!! Love being able to take it out in the rain without worrying about it getting water stained or anything! Just another perk of Balenciagas!
  4. thats a cool story!!! i still haven't taken my bag out because its been rainy. lol.
  5. Good news, another great reason to get inti b-bags thanks robyn!
  6. I talked to Joseph about the rain/weather thing a while back and he said don't be afraid to expose the B-bags to the elements...they will withstand them and it only adds to the beauty of the bag. Hooray!
  7. that goes to tell them that bbags arent just expensive! Theyre more then just looks!!!!
  8. lol, cute story!
  9. You can use hand lotion on your bag?
  10. did the hand lotion change the color of the bag? and did it change the leather? please show us pics!