City bag in Blueberry---where are you?? rop

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  1. Okay---I LOVE the blueberry color from 2006 and initially wanted a work bag. A kind SA from NM tracked one down for me---unfortunately, it was too large for my taste. A city is exactly what I am looking for and it is NOWHERE to be found. I have called every store on atelier naff's site. ANy ideas where I might find one?? None on ebay either........
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Have you called internationally - Balenciaga Paris maybe?
  3. no--I didn't even think about that---my French is super rusty though---would someone be able to help me in English?
  4. I called Bal NY--no blueberry :tdown: Also, that ebay link is for a brown bag..not blueberry. thanks though
  5. I have been looking for a blueberry city as well. I had no luck so I thought I would settle for the black since black is made every year. The only thing I have been able to find is a blueberry twiggy.
  6. Caprichosa, Try Printemps in Paris. They speak English very well. Ask for Balenciaga. Their # is 01 42 82 5000

    They are also taking international waitlists for collection colours.

    Good luck
  7. bump
  8. if you can't find a blueberry....have you consider ocean?