City bag for my boyfriend?

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  1. Hey, everyone. I need some suggestions.

    My boyfriend is starting a job/internship pretty soon in NYC. He'll also be regularly taking LSAT classes there as well. Any advice on what kind of bag he should bring? He has a Northface backpack but it's kind of bulky. His mom suggested a satchel, haha, but I'm not too sure how much he likes that idea.

    I know many of you live or work in the city. What types of bags are suitable for a guy to carry to work and to class in the city? Keep in mind, he'll be commuting (Metro and such, I believe). Thanks mucho!
  2. My BF was in the same situation around Christmas, He had an old jansport backpack that he used all through high school and up till his junior year of college. So I bought him a Tumi messenger for Christmas, and he loves it to death. Casual enough for class, but professional enough for work.
    He's in Boston, commuting on the subway from his dorm to his internship and to school every day, its perfect.
    Given they can be really pricey. You can get some great deals on ebay for one, which is how I ended up affording one.
  3. Definetly a messenger bag. He will be confortable since it's considered a "guy " bag and they are very practical. I'm a guy and carry a LV Utah (all brown leather) which I carry quite often and love it. It's too small for a laptop (unless it's one of the really small ones) but could hold several books. It several pouches for extras (pencils, supplies, etc.) and a zippered pouch under the front flap. There are so many choices and price ranges so he can go desighner or not, and yes the Tumi bags are also very nice.

    I'm at work but will post some modeling pics of mine later.
  4. Louis Vuitton makes affordable (for them) messenger bags for men.
  5. leather messenger bag
  6. I agree. I would go with a leather messenger bag. You could even do nice black nylon if appropriate. However, I would avoid logos or monograms at all cost. He is going to be an intern. To help him "fit in" you should get him something that is nice, but not flashy. When he establishes his career, then he can be as fashion forward as he likes!
  7. Thank you guys for all the suggestions. I will definitely look into some messengers!