city bag for a 4 foot 11 girl. pics inside.

  1. i've always thought the city would be too big, or too bulky on my small frame. but i decided to give it a chance. not bad at all!

    it is the ink city, the color is kind of hard to capture. it's a dark blue- like navy with a hint of purple.

    i'm such a balenciaga girl. is there an ink club?

    i like that i can wear it messenger style and i kind of can get it over my shoulder too.
    P70650.jpg P70658.jpg P70660.jpg P70664.jpg
  2. oh YAAAYYY where did you find an ink city so late in the season? It looks FAB on you, fayden! :yahoo: :love: I love how I can wear the city messenger style & also on my shoulder--I'm only 5'0"-5'1" so I'm not that much taller either. Oh, and welcome to the !!!
  3. The City looks great on you! :heart: I looove the Ink! It's such a beautiful color!:tender:
  4. hatikuh- i got it off of ebay from a nice PFer. and yes i just joined the ink club. haha!
  5. I love this bag! Looks good on you!
  6. way too big! send it to me.
  7. That looks great! And it doesn't look too big at all, it looks just perfect sized! I think the city needs to be my next
  8. Fayden,
    I have the same bag and Love it!! Looks so great on you!
  9. omg your ink is GORGEOUS! i kinda want one too lol
  10. congratulations on your new membership to the Ink Club!
  11. nice try chigirl!!! you crack me up.
  12. looks great on you!
  13. Fayden, I think the size of the City makes you look so feminine! And you know how big of a fan I am for bags making women look girly! Congratulations, you bag is very beautiful!
  14. Fayden it looks hot on you!!!!
  15. looks great!