City Bag / Cognac or Ink or Rouge?

  1. hi there,
    what color is the best in city? Cognac or Ink or Rouge?
  2. It all depends on your taste and whether or not you want it to complement your wardrobe...

    Personally, I dont mind if my bag doesnt match the colours in my outfit! I usually wear red nailpolish, so my nails and bag go hand in hand :smile:

    Heres my Rouge Vif City...

    I also LOVE Ink!
    100_1677.jpg 0112redcity1.jpg
  3. Ink :love: Its gorgeous!
  4. WOW!! this is a tough one! I love rouge and I love ink. I could not decide, I would have to get both!! I have an ink oval clutch, sometimes it's blue, sometimes its purple, sometimes it's black. and the rouge is just TDF.
  5. I really love the Cognac, it goes with EVERYTHING!! Second would be the Rouge!
  6. I vote Rouge!
  7. Out of those 3 choices I say INK !
  8. Ink
  9. Rouge - since it was Nicole R's red city that made me first decide I had to have a Balenciaga. It' such a sexy shape/color combination.
  10. :heart: rouge vif!
    then ink!
  11. Anybody have a Cognac City that they can post for us to see? I don't think I've seen one IRL...

  12. ^^ it's not a city, but here's my work
    _MG_0449_02 REV.jpg
  13. I feel like cognac is a color one should get after you have a couple of bbags, since its such a neutral color, there are a lot of bags out there to fit the description, but only balenciaga has rouge and ink. I'm partial to ink because I just got my day, and its freaking gorgeous, I don't think I should carry it to classes with me because its so distracting! I thought I would want rouge first, but theres something about ink..
  14. ^ITA with aarti! Although I love the cognac (I have one in a twiggy), you should pick a rouge or an ink since those colors are harder to find and pretty much exclusive to Balenciaga. Here's a pic of my cognac twiggy for color reference:
  15. rouge or black