City and Velo vs Maxi Twiggy

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  1. Hi fellow bbag lovers,

    I like the size of city and Velo and am looking to include twiggy in my collection. However, I don't really like the sausage look of twiggy so am considering maxi twiggy instead. I have yet to see a maxi twiggy though and wonder how its size is like next to city and Velo. Any comparison photos will be helpful. I searched but only found threads regarding city, Velo and regular size twiggy, no maxi twiggy comparison. Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. I found a comparison thread. Sorry. I tried but can't delete this thread.
  3. If you haven't found it already, look at the Balenciaga Clubhouses - there is a Maxi Twiggy club with modeling photos in there =)

  4. Thanks, Arailah. I saw the maxi twiggy thread and one comparing Velo and MT. But there were only 2 photos showing MT and city with a full front view.
  5. I have had both the Maxi Twiggy & City. I tried the Velo on in the Balenciaga store.

    Personally - I was so excited about the Maxi Twiggy, I found a 2013 Mauve one that was in new condition, it wasn't even broken in yet. I put it on and was incredibly dissapointed. Partly because the color wasn't for me and because it just wasn't flattering on my figure. It was staying too "duffle-like" because it wasn't broken in yet. I decided to sell it, mostly because of the color. If I loved the color I would have put the time into breaking it in.

    The city is awesome and iconic Balenciaga but cannot be worn cross body and does not hold as much as the Maxi Twiggy & Velo.

    I tried on a 2014 Velo and it was awesome, border-line too long but if I had the funds I might have purchased it. (there is a photo of me modeling the new Velo in the Velo Club thread, one of the last pages).

    Maxi Twiggy's are harder to find than Velos.

    What is your height? I'm 5'0" and the Maxi Twiggy was not too long for me. Old Velo's without adjustable straps are.
  6. Hi Arailah, thanks for sharing your observation on the 3 bags. Yes, the Velo hangs too low on me too while the city doesn't contain enough. Hence I'm trying to find something that overcomes these issues. Thus I'm looking at MT. You're right though about the duffle shape before it's broken in. Think I will just have to go thru that period and have a nice bag. Thanks much.:smile:
  7. I've owned all 3 and I have to say I really, really like my mt the best. It works for me. I'm 5"3. I love bal, hope I can say that in a couple of years now that a wang at helm. I like the idea more than the actual velo. Especially black. To deep and difficult to find items. I love the maxi twiggy. User friendly:smile: have you decided?
  8. Bags, thanks for your response. Yes, MT is in my future. I just have to decide on color now. As always, that's the hardest part but I've till May to decide. Will post back here when I finally get the bag.