City AND Twiggy?...Crazy Idea?

  1. Okay, I currently have a black city and first. The city is a little too big but the first is too small. I am contemplating getting a black twiggy, because it could be just right (think Goldilocks!). Is this a crazy idea. How much is too much black in such similar styles. Thoughts? Thanks.
  2. Twiggy is my favorite style in any color and the perfect size IMO. :love: As wide as the City but not as tall, holds a lot, is less structured so it has a different look altogether compared to the City or the First. Go for it! :yes:
  3. yep, i agree. i have one of each, but the twiggy is def the one i use most
  4. Definitely not a crazy idea! I think the twiggy is different enough to justify having all 3. I currently have a black city and first and like you, I find the city is too big and the first can sometimes be too small. I love the twiggy and I'm planning on getting one (hopefully) soon :smile:
  5. Go for it...I constantly buy the same color in different styles! Black is such a staple!
  6. I don't think it's crazy...especially if you think it's the best style for you since it's in between the other 2 styles you have.
  7. The step might also be a good alternative, size-wise?
  8. I think it's great! If I like a color and style, I sometimes buy them both so I can use them interchangably (did I spell that right?) :tup:
  9. What about diversifying just a tad and going for plomb?
  10. I was going to suggest plomb too. If you only want black, then why not? as long as you'll use it and love it it shouldnt matter if you have 10 bags in the same color..
  11. Go for it. Black goes with everything and if one size fit all needs then we would only need one bag - - - Horrors!
  12. :nogood:
    Although I am not a fan of the Twiggy (the look, not the function or size), I don't think it's possible to have too many styles of your favorite color bag. Hee hee, if you've seen my pink family you know that is a huge understatement. But anyway, the 3 bags you mentioned are so different in size you could definitely have a uses for each one. Also, if you are spreading the love or use of these 3 bags, they will also hold up longer. I say go for it!!!