City 08 BG arrived

  1. This is part of my fiances xmas pressies and the first Balenciaga she will have :tup:

    I just pray I haven't started an obsession in my "innocent" quest for a nice xmas gift..:crybaby:

    No Flash. Click to enlarge


    Now all I need to do is add a nice coin purse and charms, and I'm done :p

    I already have two pairs of boots/shoes under the tree.

  2. ^^ wooooooo-whoooooo, good job Jim!!!:wlae:
  3. beautiful!
  4. wow! it's gorgeous!! What an awesome fiance you are!!
  5. You are a real sweetheart!! Oh, she will be in heaven! Does she already know how fabulous Balenciaga bags are? I can't wait to hear her reaction. Will you post after she opens her pressies and let us know? WOW!:tup:
  6. so pretty!!
  7. Thanks aaallabama, chriseve, bags4fun, DRSM & RoseMary :shame:

    You know I'm not sure. There are no shops in this area that stock these other than Saks, and very few at Saks. The local Nordstorm never has any in. I discovered this forum while searching so I'm clueless. She does like fashion and gossip mags, so I'm pretty sure shes seen celeb pics.

    I will post some xmas pics for sure :okay:

  8. That is so pretty, makes me want pink, even I am not into pink
    bags, but that`s pretty...
  9. wow that bag is a beauty and ur so sweet to get it for her.
  10. Well done!!! She will be so surprised! What a great fiance you are!:nuts:
  11. WOW! you are definitely an awesome fiance and totally win at life. can you run a class for bfs/SOs about how to be awesome like that?
  12. How lovely of you to pick this out for her! She'll love it!
  13. Jim, you will make your fiance super happy. What great taste you have! BG City, and a coin purse and charms on the way, and boots/shoes already under the tree????!!! Wowzers! You are our kinda guy!! :tup:

    But be forewarned. This may be her first Balenciaga, but it WON'T be her last. These bags are like chips. You can't have just one :wlae:
  14. Gorgeous bag and what a sweet fiance you are. Most guys would not search for a handbag on their own and you did a great job in picking a beautiful one. Petal Pink is so pretty. Be sure and take pictures Christmas morning.
  15. Beautiful bag! I am sure she will love it! You did good :yes: