citta zucca

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  1. hello...first post here. it's nice to see everyone so passionate about their toki's. i just needed a little help locating a citta zucca. i know it's an older style/print but there's someone i know that's really, really looking for one and i'd like to see if i could locate one. thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Did they make Zuccas in Citta print? Hmmm, I guess I didn't know that. Umm, I'll keep an eye out.
  3. I wish I could b e of help, but in Michigan all I have found are Citta Trenino, Citta Nuvola and Citta Scuola and a smattering of Citta Porto, Canguro and Braccialetto. These were all at Loehmann's.

    I will keep my eyes open, though!
  4. They're really hard to find.:s Almost as hard as the elusive Foresta Zucca. I managed to find a Citta Rosa Zucca, but have not been able to locate a Citta Zucca, though I am continuously looking.
  5. Yeah, those are really hard, if not impossible to find! Watch them pop up at loehmanns in a month or two-hahahha
  6. Hahah they are so hard to find that I thought it didn't even exist, lmfao.
  7. lol Swtest2Lips :lol:
    that's what's probably gonna happen!
  8. I've been wondering the same thing! It's always seemed weird to me that there was no Foresta or Citta/Citta Rosa at discount or outlet stores and then all of a sudden they've started popping up at stores. :rolleyes:
  9. They're definitely out there, but hard to find. One of the ladies who works at Soho Lesportsac has a perfectly placed Citta Zucca. Unfortunately there was two of them and only one of me. :sneaky:
  10. lol outpt .. u could have taken them both!
  11. thanks for your responses. i'll keep searchng regularly on ebay. if you have any other sources please let me know. have a good weekend.
  12. Definitely 2 Citta Rosa Zuccas available here
    Citta ones, I'll call tomorrow and confirm
  13. :nuts: Are you selling one of those CR zuccas?
  14. i think i know you!! am i right??? lol... if i am, send me an email at my home. I bet i'm right!!! :graucho:
  15. envii you've seen cr in zucca???? i can't i can't!! but i want one!!! lol... (will power.......:cursing:)