Citta Rose Denaro

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  1. Urban Outfitters has a citta rose denaro marked down this morning to 39.99. I snapped one up. They still show they have some in stock if anyone else is interesed. I unfortunately missed out on the gioco they had earlier in the week.
  2. Whoa, which one? Or do you mean online? Cause the stores are supposed to have 75% off the last price...

    Edit: nevermind, I see it's the website
  3. Wow...thanks blackwidow...that's a great deal. What print did they have the gioco in...citta?? So I guess UO isn't carrying the pirata or the adios star stuff?? I don't see it on their website and I didn't see it in the SF UO last week. :confused1:
  4. Yes, they still have them on their website in the citta rose. They have a picture of a gray citta denaro pictured. Earlier in the week when I checked the site they had a citta rose gioco marked down on the site but I was too late it was sold out. So they must have had only 1 or 2 because that was the only day I saw it on their site.
  5. Thanks for sharing the info. I actually used my citta rosa gioco yesterday...that is a pretty one!! I :heart: pink!!
  6. My UO told me they probably weren't getting any more in because it didn't sell. Maybe it's the same for US UOs?
  7. Didn't sell...WHAT??? Every time I went to UO they were supposedly SOLD OUT of toki!!!!! It's big here...acutally it's HUGE!! Whatever...I hate all corporate companies right now...nothing is making any sense. :confused1:
  8. Yeah, I don't know. I didn't see mine with tons of tokidoki either, so...who knows???
  9. I checked the website and all I see is a watch . No Denaro :search: :shrugs:
  10. Guess that's it for them!
  11. sad day. 40 bucks is a good price for a denaro!
  12. yeah i check and there was only a watch lol ..oh well im late as usual hahaha
  13. That's so weird that they're not carrying it. Hmmm, maybe toki doesn't sell as well as we all think it does?? Could that be?? :confused1:
  14. Maybe...maybe they're trying to drive up demand by making it harder to get?
  15. That could be. Doesn't anyone on here know anyone that works at lesportsac?? We need the inside scoop!! :graucho: