Citta Rosa...

  1. Hi Ladies!

    Super late I know, but I just decided that I need some Citta Rosa bags. I'm thinking either a Zucca or a caramella. Does anyone know where I would be able to get that? It doesn't seem like eBay has any. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  2. Sharla, I just bought one from I called on the phone because their website listed the caramella in citta. I believe she said she had both colors (not sure) but I bought a citta rosa one from her. It had just the part of the print I really wanted too! 15% off, no tax, free priority usps!

  3. in citta rosa, i think it's very important to get the print right. wherever you buy it from, make sure you can see the actual item or specify it. in that print, IMO, the street scene is important. but in your opinion, you may think you want more of the upper part of the buildings & the sky.
  4. Thanks annie b! I actually called pulse yesterday too at about 4pm and she sent me pix and I ordered one, but seeing the ebay auction that Azumie (THANK YOU!) just posted, I'm kind of sad. That caramella is closer to the one I wanted! Haha, oh well maybe I'll just try to get the one on ebay too? Then sell the one I get from pulse if I win it?

    buttrpecan1 - The one I ordered from Pulse is more of the buildings, but what is going on in the street scene that is important? I don't have any Citta or Citta Rosa items to look at to compare.

    Thanks for the help ladies!
  5. Neat to get a picture huh? She did that for me too and I felt so much better about my purchase. I absolute had to have the monkey on the vespa! And I also wanted the cactus dog couple and managed to get both on one side, and on the other side another vespa monkey! Anyway, now I am so obsessed I still want a bag of the whole scene because I really loved baby king kongs too! So, I'm greedy and want more! I told my hubby, "now I won't need to have a whole bag of that one, just a makeup pouch" and now the next day, I want more, more!!! ugh! I've got to resist or he's going to shut me down! He's never understood my purse fixations anyway. He just doesn't understand why you need more than a couple a year. (Which is usually about all I get) but with these bags...whoa! I've already bought 4 purses & 3 accessories 5 weeks! (And 2 bags on preorder!) I'll have to promise not to buy bags for 2 years!
  6. Haha, yes annie b I love the fact that Casey is willing to send pix via pix messaging. I had her send me pix of all three bags. She was super nice! The one on ebay tho is the one I really want. It has perfect placement. :smile: I am going to try for it, hopefully no one else will want it. haha, who am I kidding? I'll probably be bidding against another tpfer. The one I got has the baby king kong on it and the 3 cars on the rainbow.

    My bf doesn't know when I buy new tokidoki items. They just show up! He's always asking me, is that new??? :wtf:
  7. I just went on ebay and looked. I don't think I saw any bids on the ones there. I think I know which one you're talking about though. Its very cute! Did you see the one somebody listed for $125? (inferno caramella) How outrageous! I'm guessing they think if someone is desperate enough to have it. They're preying on us poor obsessed toki fanatics! jerks!
  8. I know. Stupid ebay sellers. like the $499.99 Inferno BVs??? No one is going to pay that. Yes, but the one Azumie told me about looks perfect for me! I want it so badly!!!
  9. Hi There
    If you have not found the citta rosa bag yet and can't find it anywhere, you can call Le sport sac customer service dept. and place a order with them, it wont be on sale. I had no luck in finding one of the rosa citt a bags and just order with them....hope this helps....:yes:
  10. really? gee that print is should of been on sale....
  11. Yip that's what I thought...but they did not offer any discounts, it took about a week for me to receive it, can't complain to much I did not want to risk buying a fake on ebay..
  12. yeah thats least you felt safe buying it there :biggrin:
  13. Mskitty - Thanks for the tip! I did get a Citta rosa caramella, but I still maybe want something that has more of the skyscrapers and sky part. I don't think lesportsac direct will let me choose prints though...
  14. Update: Lesportsac is out of Citta/Citta Rosa Zuccas, but I did get a Foresta Denaro and Caramella.