Citta Rosa Vs. Spiagga

  1. Ok, I need help! I need to buy a trenino for travel. I travel about 5 - 6 times a year, at least twice to San Francisco, and once to Hawaii or Fiji or Bahamas or somewhere tropical.

    I am going to Hawaii September 15 - 22, and wanted to get a spiagga trenino for the trip. It would be perfect!! But then I started thinking that maybe I should get the citta rosa because it would work well with almost any trip I take.

    I'm totally conflicted, lol! :sad: I have a spiaggia BV with perfect placement, but don't own any cittas yet.

    Should I go with the totally perfect spiagga trenino for my hawaii trip, or get the more versatile citta?

    Sometimes i laugh at myself for all the "dilemas" I make in my own mind.....but as tokidoki lovers, I know you can all relate ;)
  2. I can totally relate. I'd go w/the Citta Rosa since you don't have anything in that print and I :heart: pink. I've seen the spiaggia treninos and I think it's a little too busy for my taste!
  3. I'd go with the Citta :smile: I've seen them for just under $200 at Loehmann's too.
  4. I'd also recommend the citta as opposed to Spiaggia. You can pick up a Citta Trenino for well less than retail. The Spiaggia is harder to find at less than retail price.
  5. I went to Loehmans last night because I heard that they have Tokis, but the lady told me they don't carry LeSportsac????

    Maybe it is just my city (San Diego).
  6. Citta. Idk...but alot of people here in Hawaii have Spiaggia stuff so idk I think it would stand out more if it were Citta and it would match better with other trips so you'd get more use out of it...
  7. I agree with the citta. I've seen a lot of people in Hawaii carrying the spiaggia.
  8. Yeah, I vote Citta too, mostly because you should be able to find it for cheaper than Spiaggia right now.
  9. I would definitely go with the CR, too, since I like it a lot better than spiaggia~ It's more cute, and can go with any type of trip you decide to go on!
  10. citta has my vote too :biggrin:
  11. Citta Rosa, definitely :smile: plus, you can always take your Spiaggia BV as your purse if you carry lots of stuff, and have the CR trenino as your carry on.
  12. Oh! Or you can stuff the BV into the trenino and carry another bag as your purse :biggrin:
  13. Hi Maijagj,

    Yeah alot of SAs at Loehmann's won't know what Tokidoki is. I had to literally describe the bag to them over the phone once they knew it was a LeSportsac. I had to tell them in detail what type of Lesportsac I was looking for lol. "it's by TOKIDOKI, i'm looking for a print called Foresta, the green one with trees and monkeys, it retails $298 and tag should say $194.. blah blah.."

    But back in May, my DH found one CR Trenino at the Loehmann's in MV (I was in San Jose). I had already picked up a Foresta so I passed on it. He ended calling my friend and she ran there and snagged it. It's hit and miss. I think the West coast Loehmann's had it's share of Treninos.. (and Scoulas). But keep checking or calling.. you never know what pops in there..!