**Citta Rosa on Sale in KL**

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  1. Since I saw the thread about Citta Rosas, just wanted to inform you ladies that Toki is on sale right now here
    (btw KL = Kuala Lumpur, just in case anyone's :confused1:)
    There's still a not-so-bad spread and there's still two of the coveted style i.e. Zucca with pretty good print placements (I saw them myself)
    Other stuff on sale are Foresta, Citta, Arancia, Inferno and Paradiso
    Bear in mind tho, prices here are a bit high...
    They're 30% off from 24th to today and after this they're only gonna be 20% off (sorry for the late posting :sweatdrop:)

    But if anyone's interested do drop me a line through PM
  2. O__O I wish I had money so I could get a Citta & Foresta :sad:
  3. must .. resist .. temptation ...
  4. How much is the cost .. the CR Zucca in US dollars, with shipping and everything? Haha .. temptation is lurking left and right!
  5. eNVii - sent you a PM!! :smile: