citta rosa cucciolo?

  1. does anyone know where I can still get this? I know it's a past print but I really wanna get it. I'd really appreciate it if someone can tell me where I can still find one. thanks!
  2. eBay. that's about it.
  3. i looked at eBay but I couldn't find one :sad:
  4. they come up every once in a while, be patient and one will pop up. :smile:
  5. yeah, there was one recently that went for $200. it had nice placement though. just keep searching.
  6. Yup! Just check pretty frequently & i'm sure you'll find one.
    Too bad bbd just had two fairly recently: most recent one, end of dec.
    &this one only went for $140! So, you may even be able to get a good deal. :shrugs:
  7. You gotta check at least once everyday as there are sellers that have 1 day listings.
  8. If you can catch one of Big*Beautiful*Dud's auctions, she starts hers at $9.99 and usually runs them for 24 hours. I know I have seen the CR Cucciolo auctioned off by her before, so keep an eye out. The auction basically ends at the price the market can bear, rather than a crazy Buy It Now price.
  9. If you can't wait if I were you I'd write to Big*Beautiful*Duds in private to ask if she can get it for me.
  10. I won one of her CR Cucciolos, BBD has good prices.
  11. who's BBD? is she a member here?