Citta Rosa Buon Viaggio Price?

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  1. sorry, we don't allow any topics that could solicit interest in buying/selling.

  2. I love your bag. It's has such a pretty placement in front ... all of my favorites are there. If I didn't already have one, I would offer to buy it from you.

    And risked being banned !!! Buying and selling on this forum is against tPF rules. Please take a minute or two to read The Rules... Thanks.
  3. Noooo! You're getting rid of your Citta Rosa with the awesome placement! :crybaby:
  4. It's so prettyyyyyyyy! I'd agree with mama22boys that 120-140 is a good price...but maybe sell it on ebay with a starting price of 120 and see how much it would go for?
  5. What a lovely bag...... I hope your not hinting at trying to sell this bag via the forum ?

    FYI >>>>This type of action is not allowed.
  6. with that perfect placement, even though its used, the max i would be willing to pay is the retail price. But yeah, i think 120 is a good price as the starting bidding price

    note: i'm not planning or offering to buy the bag. I'm just suggesting how much i will be willing to buy.
  7. hmm, theres only one CR BV on ebay right now so its hard to gauge what they're going for or what you could get if you put it up, but i agree, i think $120 sounds like a reasonable price :smile:
  8. I'm sure she's not and please don't take any action. Bubblesung has made so many wonderful & informative posts on the Tokidoki forum. Including starting the Great Bag Reference thread... which is... well, GREAT! I think we all refer to her photos to get a good idea of how the bags look being worn, and for bag-to-bag size comparisons.
  9. Judging by Mama's response she wasn't the only one who thought there could be a possible sell happening . Besides this post was reported.

    That's why I responded.