Citta Rosa Bella

  1. honestly you shouldn't post more than one topic about the same thing.

    but i like the second one.
  2. i like the 2nd one you have pictures of the back?
  3. I don't see the back pics. But if I need to choose from the front pics, I will vote the 2nd one. I prefer more pink color lol. :smile:
  4. 2nd
  5. I like the 1st, you can see the chubby planes better ^-^
  6. Thank you for your advice. :yes:i'm sorry i've posted so many times. ....because in my opinion, when i buy tokidoki, i never think about bag placement. until i found this site, i just bought the first bag I saw.
    And,pic.No. 2 ,I thought was too pink, but I change my mind and decided to order it. Thank you again for your advice.:idea::idea::idea:

  7. post pictures when you get it...would love to see the back placement!