Citta, Citta Rosa and Foresta on Sale in KL

  1. Still got some pieces in these prints in KL - and they're 30% off til Oct-14 :smile:

    Here's the spread:
    Citta - Cucciolo, Nuvola, Dolce
    Citta Rosa - Ciao Ciao, Dolce, Bella, Bambino, Campeggio, Scuola
    Foresta - Luna, Nuvola, Corriere

    Prices are (all in MYR, before discount):
    Dolce - 380
    Bambino - 520
    Bella - 620
    Campeggio, Ciao Ciao - 760
    Scuola - 820
    Nuvola - 875 (I think, gotta check..)
    Cucciolo - 945
    Luna - 900+ (can't recall...)

    FX rate is approximately USD1 = MYR3.5
    (...told you it was expensive in KL :sad:)

    They only have one piece left for each and YES that's all they have - all the 'popular' styles are long gone...
    (me wantsies BVs in Foresta and Citta too :crybaby:)

  2. ah cool prints, mind you i bet on eBay you would pay more then $110 in these discontinued prints for a dolce anyway. and $261 for a foresta luna isnt too bad.

    If only I had money :[
  3. How much was the Corriere? I imagine it's probably about the same as the Nuvola... so approx $175US before shipping... not bad, not bad... do the prices include tax?
  4. Just called up the store...
    Foresta Update!

    They made a booboo, there is no Lunas left but there is a Campeggio and a Cucciolo instead! :nuts:

    Confirmed the price - Corriere and Nuvola goes for MYR875.

    Checked again, and the current exchange rate is 1 USD = 3.43 MYR

    gingiemay - there's no tax charged ;)
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  10. things could go horribly wrong if the people involved are sucky - i am not getting anything much out of this - just the rush of buying them and the excitement of shipping them out to their new owners that will adore them - just makes me happy to help out fellow Toki-tPFers - you know that right, leen?
    i didn't realise i've broken any rules, as i am not actually selling my own stuff...
    we've even posted about doing eachother favors a while back in this thread
    Share how other tPF-ers have helped you to get Tokis!
    anyhoo, i shall respect the Mods and will not pursue this any longer here.
    no hard feelings all around! :smile:

  11. aw i completely agree. i didnt' even know at that time either! i took it as members just helping each other! then later on i kept seeing these posts by mods reminding our forum to stop. i'd just hate to see someone get their account taken away.
    everyone was so genuinely and sincerely just helping. i know i did that when i found some forestas and i didn't know i may have been breaking rules at that time! eeek! it was all good intentions and you're right, it's a great feeling to make a toki owner happy! =)
  12. I am now going to delete all the comments/posts that break our TOS.
    Every one of you posting here are responsible for knowing our rules.

    To buy something for another member in exchange for payment is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

    Unfortunately, this isn't the 1st, 2nd or even 3 rd time we've had to warn you guys, if you keep choosing to disobey the rules the rest of us follow this Forum could be shut down.
  13. hi there,
    May I know which part of KL? I just went to check the price in Metrojaya last week and being told that no discount at that time. How about the classic one, 30% discount also?
  14. SwankyMama - I thought the thread you started 'Please Read Me!' was strictly because of this thread - therefore I did 'close' this thread yesterday after reading your comment. A bit unnerving to see all the phrases capitalized, bolded and '!!!'s in the first post.

    peimun - you can try to call LeSportsac in MJ MidValley +60322849382.
    Good Luck!