Citta at Winners in Toronto

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  1. My store has two nuvolas, citta and citta rose, haven't gone through to see if we got anything else yet.

    They're $130!

    Good thing I'm not a nuvola girl, or I'd be broke before I get to NY. :smile:
  2. Wow..I would love to get a citta or CR they have good print placements?
    $130 is that in USD ??
  3. I didn't even look at placement, cause I was done work at that point...I put them on hold till Monday -- who do you want on there?

    Although I seem to recall the pink haired girl, so she might be nicely on the front of the CR.

    Oh...doh. Shoulda taken pictures, I had my camera. :Push:
  4. Oh yeah, it's $120 US.
  5. Which Toronto Winners store is this? College, King, or Bloor? I will check it out!!
    OOOOOOOO...I'm interested to see what other styles there are. Usually I see the non-toki boring sportsacs there.
  6. BTW, where to buy toki bags in TO? I know boathouse, eva, taschen, b2....where else??
  7. It's Scotia Plaza on Adelaide. We're closed on the weekend, but it'll be there on Monday (I put them on hold though, under Maggie if you want to check them out).

    But College Park and/or Bloor might have them too. I'm going to see if Bloor has anything today. :smile:
  8. Um, Stoneridge carries a few. There's a place in Square One that does, but I forget the name of that. There's the Manulife Centre, Bonny Satchels...they have TONS.
  9. It's great to find a toki fan also in TO!
    Ok...I will check out those bags in Scotia plaza on Monday. If I don't like them, should I still put them on hold just in case you want them?

    If you see any tokis at Bloor or at Scotia later on, please let me know:drool:. I was there 2 wks ago and there was nothing! Bonny has tons...but no refund, makes me nervous about getting it there.
  10. oooooo i'm going to check at the winners here in vancouver!
  11. Boathouse clothing has tons of denaro. Hope they have it in Vancouver too.
  12. Yeah, I guess so. Not sure if I want to bother trying to sell one on eBay.

    I checked Bloor yesterday, and didn't see any toki....
  13. If you see any Zuccas or Giocos at your store, can you please tell me? I am looking to add these to my collections!!
  14. Yeah, don't worry...I'll post anything I find!
  15. OMG! :nuts:
    i went to the winners at dufferin mall today and they had quite a bit! they had ciao ciao, corriere, trenino, scuola, and nuvola in citta! they also had the trenino and nuvola in citta rose. all at great prices too! i got myself the ciao ciao in citta! go check it out while it's there! gonna try to check out the other winners to see if they have more bag styles