Citrusy coin purses!


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Nov 15, 2006
I love the citrus slice coin purses, but am not sure how they are best used. Does anyone have one and if so, in what color? I love the lemon and isn't there like a grapefruit slice that is pink? How long ago where they out?
I got the citrus one at first, brought it home and was ehhhh...about it. I didn't like the faux reptile pattered leather on the edge, especially in yellow. So I switched to the apple, its very nice if I do say so myself. They came out last year and I got mine at the outlets in primo collection, its the first that got me hooked to the outlets! I then thought I was lusting over the grapefruit, but it was too busy for me, and I found the apple to be perfect and classy cute. You could put the nano and cash/cards/id in there, hang your keys on the key chain and just hook it to your belt loop for hands free shopping. I've managed to put my phone in there at times too, but I don't do that anymore.


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I had the apple, but the suede was rubbing off (I apparently have issues with suede :rolleyes:) so I exchanged it for the grapefruit. it is really cute and fits more than a miniskinny! great for change.


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I have the apple too. Haven't used it but its still looking pretty in my collection. They had a lime, watermelon & another fruit the year before (maybe orange?:shrugs: ). Last year was the grapefruit, apple, & lemon.
I want them all! I am watching a lemon slice on Ebay right now. Maybe I will build collection of as many as I can. They are so cute. I love them for vacation...I am in Hawaii a lot and they really seem to go with my vacation mood! BTW, you guys rule. I'm so glad I found this place!
I have the lime slice from the first wave of these. The first year there was an orange, lime and watermelon. I only got the lime but wished I had also gotten the orange. I also got the grapefruit for my best freind last year.

I mainly use mine as a mini/wristlet. I am able to hang it off of most of my bags and I keep change, a credit card and a few bills in there. It pretties up my bags and makes it easy to reach a few things quickly.

I alos use it when I am on vacation (like recently in hawaii) and hold on to it like a wristlet or hang it from my belt loop (though my husband thinks that is dorky).

I hope they come out with a new set this year as I am wanting one more. It never occured to me to check the outlets. I recomend getting one.

I also really like these, I was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissss close to getting an apple one last summer.

I would really like to see the watermelon one if anyone has it.
The watermelon was so cute. It was pink with a green leather bottom and little black 'seeds'. I didn't get it because I am not a huge fan of pink but really loved the lime and orange. I also wished I had gotten the lemon when I could. Oh well, live and learn.