1. hi everyone! i'm new to coach leather purses, and been actively looking for a nice yellow bag for quite sometime.

    does anyone have a picture of their citron leather bag close to irl? just wondering what kind of yellow shade is it? buttery yellow? greenish-yellow? warm yellow? I tried doing a search here but couldnt find a picture

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. yellow green
  3. I've noticed the citron on the Legacy leathers and the Legacy canvas bags are different. The Legacy leather citron looks yellow (you can check out the flap wristlet on e-bay right now) and the canvas citron trims looks more yellow-lime-ish.
  4. it's a greenish yellow.
  5. This is my citron.. it is yellow with a greenish tint... just slight. The '06 versions canvas/citron the color was way more green

    I love my citron!