Citron and Fuchsia EPI being discontinued!

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  1. Hi all, when I was in Prague LV butique today to pick up my dearest tivoli pm, I talked to the SA about EPI pochette NM in citron as it was next on my wish list. I thought citron pochette would me perfect little spring/summer bag. Saddly I was informed by the SA, that they discontinued citron color yesterday and they only sell what they already had in the store and that is it. No more goodies in citron coming in. Pochette NM is already out of stock so I will have to figure out, if I want to order it online or find something else I will love for spring. She also mentioned that fuchsia is being discontinued too, which is very unfortunate which I liked for alma bb... EPI gres is also gone. At least they do not have it in my store and SA said she is not aware that it should be coming in again...

    I thought I would give you heads up... If you are eyeing any of those beauties, get them now before it is too late. However I am not too sure if this is only local thing or worldwide, so please do not throw stones if this info is incorrect for your country.
  2. Thanks so much for sharing. I want a epi pochette too in figue (purple shades). I hope they don't discontinue that too.
  3. You are welcome... They still had one in figue in my store, not sure what is the destiny of this color. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!
  4. that's strange I just saw a whole new stock last week in my store
    and my SA said the new yelowish (pistach) is seasonal so I guess yellow
    will stay/go? I'll re ask to make sure as I also want another piece
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    Please do ask if you have a chance, because my SA had "in training" on her little tag, so I am not sure if she knew what she was talking about. She said the new yellow color pistach is replacing the citron one. Which to me is unfortunate because I liked the citron one better.
  6. I would not reckon on what SAs in Prague say. I am ALWAYS better informed thanks to the lovely ladies here on tPF than are the SAs.... But who knows.
    Fuchsia and Citron are very pretty colours, what a piry if they will be discontinued.
  7. I truly hope not! I'm lusting after a fuchsia alma gm :sad:
  8. I'll ask and let know what I hear
  9. ok
    I asked her just now and she said she hasn't heard anything about that
    but that the pistach will be availavle only for short couple of months
  10. My SA said citron is being discontinued. I had not heard about the fuchsia. I am really debating on the citron alma pm. Anyone have it and regret it?
  11. I called lv about a citron alma bb and was told that color was not available online and there were only 80 left in the states and that color was discontinued. I had one transferred to my local store and decided against it after seeing it in person. 😞
  12. shame... I'm saving for either alma gm or noe bb in citron
    but as I said my store just got a whole ship or yellow
    so I guess I'll have to reserve one just in case
  13. Bought my Neverfull in fuchsia today so I'm on the save side
  14. That's a shame. I love those colors on Epi wallets.
  15. Good for you! :smile: