Citre Shine Shampoo - Is this still available?

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  1. This is still available... thought I don't know about Germany. I got some about a month ago at Fred Meyers (Pacific Northwest USA). In fact, I just used it this morning. It's awesome stuff!
  2. ^Good to know! At least now I know that I have chances to find it online.
  3. I remember this stuff! I had a straightning serum from them that i used all the time!
  4. I believe this product is also known as Gliss Hair Repair. I purchased it in a drugstore while visiting Madrid last summer and fell in LOVE with the product. I cannot find it anywhere in the US. It is made by Schwarzkopf (aka Henkel). I was searching the Schwarzkopf website which is not for US residents, so it sent me to the Henkel website where I found that the same/similar product is Citre Shine Repair ACTIV. Hope this helps!! If anyone knows where to purchase either product in the US, please let me know!!! Thanks!!!