Citre Shine Shampoo - Is this still available?

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  1. I just remembered how much I loved the Citre Shine Haircare line while I lived in the US in 2000/2001.

    I tried searching whether I might be able to get it online but all I find a new line from Schwartzkopf called "Citre Shine". :crybaby:

    Does anyone else remember that shampoo?

    Here's a pictures:
  2. i remember it! but i haven't noticed it around in a while come to think of it...
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  4. That was great stuff!
  5. Pupeluv, yeah, that's the stuff I keep finding :yes:

    Any experiences with it?

    When I went back to Europe I tried pretty much every citrus shampoo on the market but nothing came close for me. The Schwartzkopf Citre Shine isn't available here (maybe yet, it's kinda weird since that's a German based brand as far as I know) so I never tried that either.
  6. I read somewhere maybe on Folica that they changed the formula, in a bad way.
  7. OMG I forgot all about this shampoo until I saw this thread. I used it in jr high because my friend who had beautiful hair (albeit totally different than mine) used it :P

    You can get it on Amazon or :yes:

  8. No, I have'nt tried it, actually I've never tried any of thier products but you gals seem to like it that if comes up available I'll give it a try.
  9. I remember using the shine spray in junior high! I totally forgot about the product until you posted.
  10. That is soooo funny. It was during a high school year abroad that I found it :yes: I remember that they bottles were pretty big (500ml or maybe even 750ml?) and when I left for home again I took 4 bottles with me :P
  11. Totally used this back in the day...can't remember if it actually made my hair shine...
  12. I remember this, too! I used to use it. Actually believe it or not, the last place I saw it available for sale was Dollar Tree, about a year ago. You might check them or Big Lots, if you have those in your area.
  13. ^I'm in Germany and it never was available here in the first place so online would be my my only chance :yes:

    lol, I really wonder how I'd feel about the shampoo now :P I remember it as this miracle cure but that was 10 years ago and I was an impressionable 16 year old :roflmfao:
  14. Their Repair Activ line has been getting rave reviews, and I'd love to try it, but no clue where I can find it.

  15. can you google it to find out where it is available..

    any beauty supply stores in your area??