Citizen's of Humanity sizing?

  1. I own a couple pairs of Joe's jeans and I know they run a little big. I'm a true 25 but have to buy and 24 in Joe's. Should I size up, down or not at all with Citizen's?

    Thanks in advance :idea:
  2. Here's the one I want:

    Citizen's Black.jpg

    I'm assuming the color is black but I'm not positive. These are black right??
  3. i find that citizens run big on me im a 24 in sevens and i have a pair of citizens ingrid low waist flares in 24 and they are a little loose
  4. If you are a 25, I'd buy a 25 in COH. I wear the same size in COH as in other designer jeans.

  5. ^^ same here I am a size 27,and I buy size 27 in COH,meanwhile I buy size 26 with Joes..
  6. Will do, thanks ladies :heart:
  7. Not to confuse, but I would size one down for COH. I wear a 26 in Joes, COH, and 7FAM; 27 in others.
  8. I wear a size 24 in seven jeans that are 2% spandax. size 25 for sevens if they are 100% cotton. Im a 24 in j brands, size 25 in TR, and i find that COH, the hips are a little narrow compared to my other jeans.

    i dont buy COH for that reason!!!!

    but If i was to buy another pair of COH, id go with 25.
  9. wow everyone in here is so thin! haha
  10. Oh well, already ordered them online, so hopefully the 25's work out :yes:
  11. Citizens are pretty stretchy to me, they end up stretching and getting pretty baggy towards the end of the day.
  12. ^Aw that's not good to hear. I hate when jeans do that! Not a big fan of the sagy butt and constantly having to pull up the pants. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that when my COH jeans arrive they are perfect!