Citizens of Humanity sizing

  1. Hi there,
    So I've got a pair of Kellys in Big Sur and I'm looking to buy a couple more pairs in different washes, but I've heard that the sizing depends more on the wash than the style. Has everyone generally found this to be the case (if so, please share how your different washes run!)?
  2. I have Pacific Ocean and Sierra and I think they run very similar to Big Sur. I think you should be okay in your usual size unless the site specifies that that wash runs big or small.
  3. I have found the sizing fairly consistent between all sizes, I always buy the same size. I do notice slight differences in fit between some washes, but not enough that I would buy them in a diff size. For ex: Rive Gauche stretches a lot and oyster seems a little snug. Dark Paris, Pacific, Colorado, and Big Sur all seem about the same to me and I think those are pretty standard.
  4. I found all my CoH jeans to run pretty much the same, no matter what the style or wash.
  5. I have 2 pairs of Kellys- not sure of the washes, both same size. One pair is about an inch longer (shouldn't be but it is) and stretches a bit with wear and the other pair doesn't stretch out at all and is a tiny bit smaller. It's not enough of a difference to warrent a different size though.
  6. Alright, I'll go ahead and order my usual size. Thanks, ladies! :smile:
  7. Is there a size difference between the COH denim and the COH stretch denim? I have one Ingrid which is denim, which doesn't stretch a lot. Now I want to get an Amber which is now available in stretch denim. Should I size down, do they stretch more than denim?
  8. same size for me regardless of the wash or style...
  9. Hi Ladies! I have a question about the COH Avedon Slick jeggings. I bought one in size 26 an purchased another in 27 because the 26 feels too tight and unconfortable, specially at the waist. 27 fits fine atm. I have read that they strecht so I am wondering whether to return or keep the 26. I would have to pay an expensive shipping fee due to my location (almost the same amount that I would be reimbursed). Those who own them, do you find they strecht a lot? Is it worth keeping the 26 even if they are really uncomfortable now?
  10. I have 5 of them in different color, style, but all of them in the same size.