citizens of humanity size question

  1. hey ladies, i have a question about citizen jeans (again).
    25's fit me comfortably and 24's fit a little tight (slightly muffin topping, ugh) but do these jeans stretch out as you wear them? i really do not like to wear my clothes too tight so i would go with the 25's but am afraid they will get loose as i wear them. but they do have stretch so do they not loosen out as much (i noticed jeans with no stretch tend to loosen more as you wear them)
    what do you think girls? thank you in advance!! :flowers:
  2. I had a pair of Citizens a couple of years ago (they were the stretch Ingrid's in Pacific wash) and they stretched SO much! I ended up selling them on eBay because they no longer fit.

    I'm not too familiar with the latest styles in regard to fit, but I'd say as a general rule that buying a pair that isn't 100% cotton with stretch to fit your body. Definitely go with a size 24. ;)
  3. is it a bad idea to buy the 25's and dry them if they stretch too much? the 24's seem soo tight?
  4. My Citizens always stretch. I would go w/ the 24s. I have tried the wash and dry...they just stretch right back out after wear.
  5. They do stretch. I just got 24 yesterday, they were a hair tight when zipping up but after a few minutes were comfy.
  6. I must be the minority but I haven't ever experienced Citizens stretching. I have the Ingrid 002 (2 pairs actually) and bought the first one in 24....they fit semi tight when I bought them but after washing & drying them...they are "I can't breathe comfortably" tight so I just bought another pair in size 25.
  7. I've only tried them in 25s and they are comfy on me. Then again, I wash my jeans after each wear.

    If you wash you jeans after each wear, then if I were, you I'd get the 25.
  8. mine (and I have a few) don't stretch. What fits in the dressing room usually fits later on. I air dry my jeans and wash them in cold.
  9. i say go for the 25's
    i own 4 pairs that fit me comfortably and none of them has ever strecthed out so much that i cant wear them anymore

    buti guess it also depends on the cotton blend on the jeans
  10. i am wanting the faye (low waist full leg) and the ingrid (low waist flair).
    i don't wash after each wear.. i just don't have time to do that! props wantmore!!!
    i'm so torn because it seems to be split! hmmm....
    anymore suggestions/opinions?
  11. I would go with the 25 - honestly, I find that COH does stretch out, but not so much that I would go down in size.
  12. Citizen's STRETCH a lot!!! I bought a pair that fit perfectly. After wearing them, they stretch so much throughout the day. I should have bought a size smaller.
  13. Mines also stretched.
  14. I would go with the 24's.

    If you like your jeans to fit snug and not fit loose and baggy, definatly go with the smaller size. They stretch a decent amount.

    Personally I wear my jeans a few times before I wash them and I'de rather them be tight for the first 20 minutes and then fit as opposed to having them fit perfect at first and then be too big.

    Buy them, leave the tags on and wear them around the house/store for a little while. They should give and if they don't give enough for you get the bigger size.
  15. I have a pair of COH Faye and mine do not stretch, even after wearing them a few times.