Citizen Eco-Drive battery replacement

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  1. For any Citizen Eco-Drive owners. Just a heads up in case you don’t know, when you get your battery replaced, the watch repair shop will keep your watch for 24 hours as they need to charge the new battery,
  2. Thanks for this! My father has a few eco drives in need of new batteries - I’ll let him know.
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  3. How long have you had yours? I’ve had one for 10 years at least and it hasn’t needed a replace.
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  4. I bought mine in 2012, and literally just had the battery replaced. Having said that, the style had been in the stores for a number of years before I purchased mine, so the battery could well be over 10 years old.
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  5. I have had my Eco Drive watch for over 10 years & haven't had to change the battery. Good to know what the process would be.
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