1. can somebody please tell me if sells authentic brand purses... im looking to buy online and investigating websites wether or not they are authentic...ive emailed the company and swears they are aunthentic supplier of handbags...if u know or have ordered from this site before please reply
  2. Chanel purses for $239?

    Definitely NOT authentic merchandise. Avoid like the plague.
  3. Fake! What bags are you looking for? I am sure many of us here could tell you where to find the real deal online for the best price...
  4. i am looking for chanel purses..thanks!
  5. Chanel is not sold online unless it's by consignment or obtained unauthorized.
    You have to go to a store to be sure.
  6. really i never knew that...thanks!!
  7. Hi,
    I was just wondering if anyone has ever ordered from before? I thought i better ask here before i order. Thanks
  8. It's a site like this that I was talking about in a previous post about online fakes and how can they not be shut down? This HAS to be fakes, just HAS to be....
  9. This site's business is based out of China. I would not buy anything from them. They state their items are authentic but I wouldn't ever trust them.
  10. Hey, I just want to say hello to all and finally get the real story about all those great handbags.
    After reading some of the posts yesterday I'm beginning to think there's no alternative but buying retail. If the Chanel wallet I bought from the Citivogue site is a fake, let me tell you it is a magnificent one. The leather is like butter and came boxed with an sku number on the side and a controlatto card. Is everything on that site fake?

    I don't want to get taken again so any thought would be appreciated.:smile::confused1:
  11. Hi and welcome.
    Post pictures in the "Authenticate this" thread in the Chanel part of the forum. They will be able to tell you if it's authentic or not.
  12. Chanel doesn't come w/ controllato cards and is not available online.
    If you mean a black authenticity card w/ a # that matches the hologram sticker in your wallet then thsoe are always faked as well.
    I'll move this to the Authenticate This! Forum for you.
  13. Yes, everything on the site is fake. There's some pretty nasty looking fakes on there too. That BV bag is :yucky:
  14. CitieVogue is being investigated by the FBI for selling fake Chanel products. Chanel has forced them to remove all references of Chanel from their website.
    They operate out of China, and ALL bags are FAKE.
    If it's too good to be true, it's FAKE.
    Sounds like you bought a high quality "replica" Chanel. Fake Chanel handbags, and wallets come packed with the Chanel card, and gift box.

    Get your money back!

    M. Tuscani
  15. Do a Google search on how to spot a Fake Chanel; there's an article on eBay that provides all the "Fake Chanel" serial numbers.

    Chanel does not sell their products online to anyone. If a store is selling Chanel, their selling high quality replicas.