Cities with good transportation system in US?

  1. I know Boston and New York has really good transportation systems. Which other cities do you think has good transportation systems? thanks!
  2. San Francisco, Calif. Not Los Angeles, horrible.
  3. Washington, Dc: the metro.
  4. Los Angeles is the best.
  5. You can add Chicago -- but NYC, SanFran, DC, Boston are probably the best for combination light rail/subway/train/bus/tram
  6. so for Chicago, DC and Sanfran, can u pretty much go everywhere with their transportation systems? I'm looking for a city to intern in this summer. How about Pennsylvania's transportation system? thanks a bunch!:cutesy:
  7. I would definitely go for DC, it's has the best transportation system, IMO, it's smooth, safe, clean, and hassle free. The metra system(train) is very convinent, it has stops in perfect locations, and it goes through safe neighborhoods. Plus, in DC, there are so many possibilites there, and it's in a great geographical location(a little more than an hour from the mountains to the west, close to the ocean to the east, and many of the major east coast cities are a few hours drive away. You'll never be bored in DC. I lived in a suburb of DC for a while.
    I would personally go against Chicago. Many of the neighborhoods in Chicago you would really want to avoid, they are somewhat dangerous, especially if you aren't familiar with that area, and by dangerous, I mean, chances of getting, quite frankly, shot and killed(multiple instances described on news and newspapers everday.) The crime is bad in a lot of the neighborhoods, you are okay in downtown, but it's taking a chance outside of downtown. And it's only Chicago, there isn't much outside of the (downtown) city as the other possibilites you suggested, it's rather boring any direction you go. I love downtown, there is a lot to do, but besides that, you would be bored for weekends, etc. Personally, I would never even think about using the Chicago transportation system, the CTA system(trains, buses) are dirty looking and the lines go through some of the bad neighborhoods. I've had a few friends who live in Chicago and they used to take the Chicago train and bus, and they have really bad experiences with crime on them, which is why I would never dare use either the train or bus. I always would just drive to downtown and brave the traffic(which also gets bad because of a lot of construction and regular traffic.) I lived in a good suburb of Chicago for many years, so this is how I know the information.
  8. Hawaii's bus system is supposedly one of the best in the nation. I've only taken the bus twice in my life though, and I didn't like it.
  9. Definitely New York City's.
  10. Depends where in PA you're looking for. My understanding is most of PA's areas aren't great for public transit.
  11. SF bay area - we have BART (subway), CalTrain (train system), numerous buses, ferries, and cable cars!
  12. Besides NYC, I vote for Portland, OR.
  13. Definitely San Francisco. You can go almost anywhere without driving.
  14. Chicago's system is just OK. NYC's is, by far, the best in my opinion.

    I personally find DC's system to be horrible. I never knew and still don't know a single person living and working there without a car... (when to school out there and still know lots of people and have family that all live in the District). One nice thing is that as far as public trans is, the DC system is quite clean. But it is definitely more tourist friendly than resident friendly.

    ...but, I think this goes for any city, when you're choosing where you live, some locations are going to be more convenient to certain jobs than others, and you would take that into consideration before renting housing for your internship.
  15. I don't know about other cities but I am in San Francisco and in general, I think the whole of Bay Area, especially SF has a very good transportation system. I use MUNI everyday in the city and you can go pretty much anywhere with the bus... even as far away as San Jose (50-60 miles away) w/ Caltrain. The city has at least 50 different bus routes in a 7x7 mile area and thats not including the major subway lines. Service has its ups and downs of course but overall, I would rate it pretty high.