Cities/Places You Need AT LEAST One Week

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  1. Please list the cities/attractions that you feel need at least one week to see/do! If over one week, please list the number of days!

    1. London

    2. DisneyWorld (10 days is good too if you want to incorporate Universal)
  2. ^^ LOL on Disney World but it's so true. Each park takes at least 1 day and some even take 2. Plus there's Downtown Disney and all the other side attractions. It's a fun place though.
  3. -Rome
    -New York
  4. I agree on Disneyworld. When I went we were only supposed to be there a week...we ended up staying 10 days in total.
  5. Toronto! Its a lot bigger than most think. Plus you could incorpirate Niagra and Thunder bay.
  6. Sydney, Australia! On our honeymoon in Australia we only had a few days there but we wished we could have stayed longer.
  7. If you've never been - Las Vegas, and even a week may not be long enough.
  8. --Louvre in particular--I spent 1 week going in & out of this museum to appreciate everything inside.--I had a 4-wk vacay in Paris so I had alot of time.

    --Venice & Rome---I like to feel like a local so 1 week in each city is good for me but if money is not an issue, I'd stay for a month.

    --Carribean, Cancun, Mediterranean,Tahiti, Hawaii and any other islands---I need at least 1-wk to relax & enjoy, but if money is not an issue, I'd stay for a month.

    To sum it up, I've done Paris in 3 hrs hitting all the major tourist spot using the metro. It's possible if you're just sight seeing and not lining up to go to museums. For Venice, some people can trek the island for 1-hr, I/my SO couldn't--maybe for a whole day of walking and a private water taxi--gondola is too slow so as other public trans.
  9. I agree with you. As long as people have come this far, go see the Grand Canyon, one of the wonders of the world. And the only one in the USA>
    Red Rock Canyon & Valley of Fire are worth a visit.
    If people come here & only stay on the strip, that's what they saw the strip, but not Las Vegas.
    People travel differently when they get older, they travel to enjoy. Not just mark something off as I've seen it.
  10. Quite agree about Vegas, went their for a week a couple of years ago, really was not long enough glad I am going back for nearly 2weeks:yahoo:.

    London - at least 1 week
  11. I also think that you need at least a week in London.
  12. London, Rio de Janeiro
  13. Las Vegas? ...because of the shows?

    I say, New York!
  14. ROME. i lived there for a semester, have visited twice since then, and there are still places i haven't seen.
  15. ^^ Lived there 25 years and I'm not done with the museums yet :upsidedown: Not to mention the things they keep digging up.