Cities/Places You Can See in ONE Day

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  1. I thought I would start a series of threads that would help all of us in vacation planning. List here the cities/places/attractions you feel can adequately be seen in just ONE single day! I'm starting other threads for weekends & weeks

    I'll start:

    1. Universal Studios Hollywood

    2. Hollywood/Beverly Hills

    3. Monterey/Carmel (it would be tight, but it could be done)

    4. Any of the roller coaster amusement parks in the USA (does not include any Disney parks though)

    5. Sacramento, CA

    6. Mall of America....yes, it can be done! Many of the stores duplicate...plan well!
  2. Reykjavik, Iceland - there is only one main shopping street! Potturinn og pannan is a great restaurant to go to especially for fish dishes. Be warned to wear comfy shoes whilst there as it is located on a hill and if you wear cute pumps you will get a blister, which I unfortunately found out!
  3. If you know what you want to see and move quick I think Boston could be doable in a day. It's small compared to other major US cities and the transportation system is great.
  4. ^^^You are right!

    Also add....Napa Wine Valley. Just do a day trip on the wine train and do the wine tasting.
  5. Monaco.

    Really, it's a small principality and is so beautiful, but it doesn't take long at all to get around.
  6. Brussels, Belgium. It is relatively small and you can walk most of it which is what I did. We actually walked to most of the touristy hot spots within 2-3 hours but it is beautiful. Lovely shops, a chocolate museum, and chocolate area called the Sorbonne I believe. Great chocolate and great beer =D
  7. Girl I can do it in 90 mins flat easy. LOL Just walk around each floor. But skip the 3rd. Its a snooze. ROFLMAO
  8. Hong Kong Disneyland :Push:

    I had such high hopes for it.....
  9. Stockholm and sadly I also have to say Helsinki.
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I have no suggestions, but thought that was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.
  11. singapore!
  12. Kitzbuehel, Austria. (Especially if you don't ski). Great stop for the day to go up the mountain and grab some food then you walk across the entire town in about 20 min. Decent shops very pricey and has Vuitton. Schwartz Sea is fun in the winter where you can ice skate or let your dogs play on the ice.

    That's pretty much it other than staying the night to drink. I spend 12 days there and trust me 1-2 was enough! :yes:
  13. Vatican

    Ok those 4 don't quite count as 'cities', they're COUNTRIES you can see in one day!
  14. Stonehenge and Salisbury in England. Salisbury is the closest city to Stonehenge and is def. do-able in a day!

    Edinburgh, Scotland is do-able in a day too. We did a guided city tour where you can get off and on, but, we didn't get off. The night we arrived (around 6 pm) we settled into our hotel and then went out and walked around for a couple of hours. It was a lot of fun!

    Cardiff, Wales is do-able in a day as well. There's more shopping than sight-seeing and the museum there totally sucks! The grounds behind the museum are very pretty though! Lots of good shops there too!
  15. Agree. Monaco could definitely be done in a day!