Cities/Place You Can See in 2-3 Days

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  1. Please list the cities/attractions you feel can be seen in a regular weekend or 3-day weekend!

    1. Vegas

    2. Disneyland (including California Adventure & Downtown Disney)

    3. Chicago

    4. Vancouver

    5. Seattle

    6. Boston

    7. Toronto

    8. New Orleans
  2. San Francisco! In a pinch you could do it in a day...but there is so much to see!
  3. Los Angeles
    San Diego
    Palm Springs
    Washington DC

    If traveling Europe,
    Amsterdam (2-3)
    Venice (2)
    Milan (1-2, seriously)
    Madrid (possible to do in 3 days)
    Prague (3 days)
  4. oh, Santa Barbara is also perfect for a weekend or 3 days
  5. You can see most of the beautiful sights of Florence in 3 days.
  6. Stockholm (2)
  7. ^^True!
    Also Oslo, Budapest, Prague, Dublin.
  8. Baltimore Md
  9. Copenhagen
  10. Ooohh..looks like I can have a couple of weekend getaways this summer!
  11. Pretty much any of the islands in the Caribbean. From the East Coast, it makes a prefect long weekend trip.
    Big plug for St. Kitts and Nevis
  12. Philadelphia, PA.
  13. a lot of these things depend on the type of visitor too - if you're a history buff & love museums, ships, the aquarium etc - you could easily need more time in & around Boston.
  14. Zurich
  15. True. I've been in Boston visiting friends for a week, and I barely managed to visit everything I was interested in: granted, I took my sweet time with museum, ships and the aquarium, but it was great :flowers: