Cities & Countries that you'd revisit again and again and again and again and...

  1. - Japan - Great People, Food, Hot Spring, Nature, etc... Just Love it... we love this country so much we are thinking to buy house in Japan... will going to visit again next year.....

    - France - even though I had some bad experienced, I still love it..

    - Cancun - ah~~ GREAT SEA.... I think Cancun is much better than FIJI..

    - New York City - Yeh~!! I used to live in Manhattan for 8 years and I really miss the city... and secretly (don't tell my wife :sweatdrop:) I am looking to buy condo in the city
  2. cancun, new york, barcelona, paris.

  3. BTW, I did not hate Shanghai; I just liked Beijing and Hangzhou a lot more. :shame:
  4. French Polynesia...lay around on a Tahitian beach and eat coconut crab at every meal...

    Tied for second would be Maui and Puerto Rico.
  5. JAPAN!! I will never get sick of that place!

    im dying to go back to SHANGHAI & BEIJING once again, hence im eyeing beijing for me medical electives next yr!!

    LONDON! im always dere every weekend, im studying at birmingham so i'll just grab the train every weekend to my bf's and there's just SO MUCH TO DO IN LONDON!!

    last but not least SINGAPORE. IT'S HOME FOR ME!! family, friends, food what more is there to say?? :smile::smile:
  6. Anywhere in Italy (except maybe Milan), Istanbul, Vienna
  7. Parissssssssssss, Je T'aime
    Hong Kong!!!
    San Francisco
  8. NYC, London and Rome - all time favorite cities. Love the grit, the grime, the hustle and bustle, the people, the food.

    Mexico - been multiple times to Acapulco, Cancun, Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Taxco...such a beautiful country, I want to explore more of it.
  9. NYC Have to go there at least once a year
    London A few days is always a nice escape
    Paris Since it's only an hour away with train from Brussel it makes a great daytrip.
  10. i have to visit japan once a year because im from there...I miss food
    Shanghai- because of my bf is half shanghainese(been there twice last year cause x from there). Its like drinking central...
    Malaysia- I used to live there.. food is great.. people is great
    I like all because its so different..
  11. First place would be Paris
    Second plance would be (it's a tie between these places): Italian Riviera, Tuscany and French Riviera
  12. Las Vegas
    Kauai (not a city but I love love love this island)
  13. Paris (J'adore Paris!!)
    London (my home now, my 2nd home..)
    Hong Kong (home!)
    Brussels (nice and relaxing)
  14. Anywhere in Costa Rica. especially Puerto Viejo.
  15. England (love the whole country!)
    San Francisco
    St Simons Island, GA
    Athens, GA
    Key West